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How to buy Ethereum in Argentina?


Inflation in Argentina has caused cryptocurrencies to gain great popularity in the individual economies of the country’s inhabitants, to generally use them as a safeguard of value. If you are a resident of Argentina and want to buy cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin, this article is for you.

How and where to buy Ethereum in Argentina

Buying Ethereum in Argentina is really easy, thanks to the great variety of excellent exchanges offered by the exchange of Argentine pesos for cryptocurrencies.

The best alternatives to buy ETH from Argentina are:

  • Gravel: Originally from Argentina, it is the fastest growing crypto company in the country. It has an excellent reputation thanks to the good fiat money exchange service for cryptocurrencies. Registration is really simple, as is the deposit of Argentine pesos. You can use bank transfer, PagoFacil, RapiPago, Mercado Pago and other methods to add funds to your account.
  • Binance: The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange also offers a way for Argentines to buy ETH ETH as their local currency, thanks to its Binance fiat gateway platform. If you want to own your cryptocurrencies in an exchange with high security and many services that extend your possibilities, Binance is an excellent option.
  • Satoshi Tango: It has positioned itself as one of the best crypto exchanges in the Latin American population. They offer services to buy cryptocurrencies with Chilean pesos, Argentineans, Peruvian soles, Brazilian reals, but they also have a global platform for buying with US dollars.

Ethereum price in Argentina

If you are wondering how much an ETH is worth in Argentina, here we answer you.

As a result of the fierce inflation experienced by the country’s economy, the price in Argentine pesos can fluctuate rapidly.

The great demand of Bitcoin in Argentina, generates an important differential between the price for purchase in USD and ARS.

Today, February 10, 2020, 1 Ethereum costs 19,354.76 Argentine pesos. For sale the price is 18,347.55 Argentine pesos, equivalent to USD 300.92, this in the SatoshiTango exchange.

In the same exchange, 1 Ethereum costs US $ 235.51, and US $ 223.85 if you wish to sell.

Ethereum price in Argentine pesos 02/10/2020 in Satoshitango
Ethereum price in Argentine pesos 02/10/2020 in SatoshiTango
Ethereum price in US dollars 02/10/2020 in Satoshitango
Ethereum price in US dollars 02/10/2020 in SatoshiTango
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