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How to create an NFT with a Galaxy device?

The blockchain usually scares many artists due to the complicated descriptions that can be found on the net about that technology. Indeed, the blockchain is complex and advanced knowledge is required to understand it. However, creating an NFT or blockchain collectible is no longer a great challenge.

In this paper we review 5 points to follow to enter the world of non-expendable tokens as a creator and from a Galaxy mobile. The mere fact of being able to do it from the palm of your hand suggests that it is not a highly complex process or that it requires special skills.

Consequently, although the blockchain is a complex affair, it is not about designing one, but about minting a creation within it. Knowing this, the only difficult thing left is to be an artist.

These are the 5 steps to create an NFT from a Galaxy

Creating an NFT is somewhat tempting and at the same time a puzzle for an artist. But it is a very important step to cover an audience that is increasingly inclined towards digital platforms. In that sense, if you are an artist and you feel misunderstood, you are not the only one, but if you take the leap towards Web3, you would join a select group of pioneers.

Keep in mind that there are many reasons so that people decide to collect NFTs instead of physical works. In any case, this is what you have to do:

  1. Stand out in what you know: create a piece.
  2. Get a community close to your art.
  3. Set up an e-wallet for your creation.
  4. Mint your creation on the blockchain.
  5. Store, sell or leave your work on display.

Stand out in what you know: create a piece

It is an elementary and logical step on which everything that comes after depends. It should be noted that the more elaborate and attractive the creations are, the greater the chances of fitting in. Being true that a large part of the most expensive collectibles are static, boring or childish images (monkeys and others), the chances of coming to light with a similar concept are already few.

Therefore, creating an NFT requires more than the desire to earn money or fame and even goes beyond knowledge of the network. It is about being an artist, or at least associating with one, who is capable of bringing an idea to people’s senses.

Something that could help to captivate people is the elaboration of a story or a theme that encompasses your work. With it, each episode of that story, the protagonists or the feats they do can be coined. That will leave you with a collection of sparse features that could gain prominence in the future.

Get a community close to your art

Unless you want to make a work just for you, the second step is also obvious. It consists of entering a community. Here the artist must make sure to get one that is made up of people with similar tastes to creation. In other words, the person must blend into a community that likes things similar to the NFT concept that they want to create.

For example, if your work is epic, including medieval knights and mythological characters, you can’t focus on a reggaeton community. Likewise, if your creation is focused on the fight for women’s rights, try to stay away from communities with conservative or religious tendencies. Although it may seem obvious, many artists choose communities based on trade volume, thinking that there are more possibilities to sell, and that often ends in disappointment.

In social networks there are a large number of communities for various tastes. That means getting one that fits the theme of the build won’t be a problem. At this stage, the quality of the art comes into play again, which will allow it to stand out and gain attention.

NFTs can be created from a mobile.
Entering the world of NFTs as a creator is a step many artists are slow to take due to technology shock. Source: NFT World

Set up an e-wallet for your creation

This is the end of the similarities between creating a work in the material world and one in the NFT universe. The next step has to do with finding a place to host the work. Thus, the person will need to open an account in an electronic wallet or e-wallet. Having a work in non-fungible token mode means having it somewhere and that is precisely the role of the portfolio.

Most of these storage addresses are free and the best ones are those that allow the integration of the storage location with minting and trading platforms. Taking this into consideration, the user will have to choose a blockchain like Ethereum. It should not be forgotten that these ecosystems are abundant (Avalanche, Cardano, Tron, etc.) but the most popular of them is Ethereum.

Once the chain of blocks is chosen, the wallet in which the token and other currencies will be stored is opened. There are wallets like Metamask, which is compatible with most of the blockchains that operate DeFi, gaming and NFT platforms.

Mint your creation on the blockchain

With the portfolio, the artwork, and a community, it’s time to create, mint, or mint the NFT proper. This consists of uploading the creation document to the blockchain. This action allows the art to have actual possession by the creator. It is a code that is generated by the blockchain in question and is the one that has all the information of the work and, therefore, is what is traded or moved in transactions.

Those codes represent the art created. Either way, the user must then proceed to mint his work and in return must pay a gas fee for the transaction. There are various NFT trading platforms like OpenSea and others. The user must enter the platform through his wallet. Once there you will have the options to upload the document in Mint.

It is a process that is now much easier than a few years ago and can be done directly from a mobile device. At this point, the person is officially a pioneer creator in the world of NFTs.

Store, sell or leave your work on display

The last step in this journey is the artist’s choice of what to do with the NFT they were able to create. Among the options in this sense, storage or holding is counted waiting for it to be revalued. You can also opt for immediate sale or in your own collection if that creation has some meaning of personal value.

In case you want to sell it, you simply have to place the price on the platform in question accompanied by a description. To improve the quality of your collection, you can take other more ambitious steps, such as creating an interactive website in which the stories of the characters are narrated (if possible).

On the other hand, you can create traditional or inbound marketing campaigns to improve reach. These last ideas will depend on the conditions and the subjectivity of the creator. Holding your collection for the long term may be an interesting option. In the future, when this technology becomes massive, the creations of these initial dates will be seen as classics.

The important thing is that the process can be done quickly, easily and cheaply and, best of all, without major complications from a Galaxy device. You dare?

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