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How to explain what Bitcoin is to your friends?


We have all faced that situation: we tell our friends that we are part of the crypto community, and they dedicate that curious and strange look to us as if we were not from this planet. It is a common situation that all of us who live in the crypto market have gone through. Therefore, today we will try to give you some tips on how to explain what Bitcoin is to your friends.

Be patient with your friends

The first thing, before explaining what Bitcoin is to your friends, will always be having patience. Remember that we were all new to this world, and we all went through that period in which everything seems strange, new and complicated. Therefore, we cannot expect them to understand difficult concepts from the beginning that we took months to understand.

So, before you start explaining about Bitcoin to your friends, arm yourself with patience and go step by step. Explain with simple concepts and don’t try to demonstrate how amazing cryptocurrencies are. You and I both know they are amazing, and they will know it eventually, but if you try to evangelize you will just drive them away.

Therefore, the best strategy will always be to go from the most basic to the complex, listen and answer each of your questions, and arm yourself with all the educational resources you can. Remember that there are many pages that have created easy to understand content for those who are just approaching the crypto world. Among which, of course, the ABC Crypto of CriptoTendencia stands out.

Explaining Bitcoin to young people will always be easier

It will always be much easier to explain cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology to young people. This does not mean that adults cannot understand crypto assets or get involved in their world. However, young people are constantly in contact with new technologies. Therefore, it is logical that they understand from the beginning what Bitcoin consists of.

In case you want to explain Bitcoin to a child, be it your son, cousin, nephew or just children of your friends, it is always best to do it with practical examples. He tries to show the relationship of BTC with concepts that they already know as money, and managing to explain that cryptocurrencies are simply money saved on a computer.

With adolescents it is a little more complex. Well, while a child’s brain is alert, seeking to learn new things permanently. Adolescents on many occasions may be reluctant to hear about this technology from their elders.

However, when you explain Bitcoin to a teenager, you will have the advantage that their generation is born and very used to technology. Therefore, more complex concepts like Value reserve or Blockchain technology, they can capture them. It is simply about presenting it in an interesting way for them, showing them how it can be useful in the present and in the future.

And the older ones?

For its part, explaining Bitcoin to the elderly, even our friends, can be a little more complex. Well, although they will certainly be able to understand complex concepts like distributed ledgers, it is more difficult for them to accept news that challenges the way they have seen the world so far.

Thus, when dealing with adults, the best strategy is always to focus on the advantages of Bitcoin and Blockchain to explain their differences with Fiat money. Since, for children and adolescents, the novelty of technology and their openness to revolutionary concepts are our greatest allies, with adults it is a more complicated subject.

Explaining Bitcoin through crypto is not the best strategy with older adults. Source:
Explaining Bitcoin through crypto is not the best strategy with older adults. Source:

This is especially true when dealing with older adults, of the older generation. baby boomer or even from the silent generation. For them, issues like the Internet are complex enough in most cases. Therefore, to explain to this generation what this new technology consists of, we must be extremely practical.

Let’s focus on explaining what is the utility of Bitcoin, how to use it on a daily basis and the advantages that they have provided you since you have them. Let’s not try to delve into too dark topics that can repel them, instead taking advantage of the basic elements to demonstrate what crypto assets are and what they are for.

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