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Imagine the world to come, part VI: Blockchain


Almost reaching the end of our series of articles that we imagine the world, we find a sixth special delivery for us. On this occasion we expose our favorite technology, being the Blockchain. In addition, we want to highlight that we have a parallel series, about the success of this technology in the world.


As we have a series of articles in which we present the success stories of Blockchain technology, we invite you to explore the current state of this technology.

However, what we will do this time to help us imagine the world, we make an introduction and sketches of the current situation. Starting by highlighting a fundamental achievement for Blockchain technology, which we are proud to say. Basically, the blockchain is no longer a shadow of cryptocurrencies.

Although it seems somewhat mild or nil, this recognition is vitally important for developers focused on Blockchain. If you remember our articles from 2018 and early 2019, various companies said they supported Blockchain technology and not cryptos. This division is important to highlight the importance of blockchain technology as an individual independent of cryptos.

The way that Blockchain technology managed to get its independent name was thanks to the number of successful projects that we have exposed on the page. From distribution industries, as it does IBM. Highlighting that there are more reputable companies betting on this technology, either as Walmart, the same Nike and even Goldman sachs.

It can be seen that we are focusing on a more business or corporate side, but Blockchain technology has also influenced the development of countries. Whether from the desert giant of United Arab Emirates, even the Asian giant that dominates the retail production of China.

Therefore, it can be seen that Blockchain technology effectively broke the chains that linked it only to the crypts. Stressing that it is shining in the areas of information storage, information distribution and security in the world. Since, regarding this last point, there is currently a dispute between the AI ​​and Blockchain.

Trends for 2020

While we already made an article with the trends for 2020 of Blockchain technology. On that occasion we focused on the issue of trends to be considered by the corporate and commercial side more than anything. On this occasion, we will expose Blockchain impact trends around the world, with the help of BlockchainLand.

Starting with one that seems important to humanity, stating that there will be a social impact project boom. Stressing that in this area the UNICEF, since you plan to collaborate with certain particular projects:

UNICEF image so that we can imagine the world with the greatest social impact of the Blockchain
UNICEF image so that we can imagine the world with the greatest social impact of the Blockchain

Proposing that UNICEF wants these areas of social impact to improve with the help of Blockchain technology this 2020.

In addition, the issue of democracy and governance is highlighted, being the second important trend for this 2020. Proposing that Blockchain technology will have an impact on trust in the public sector. He claims that this year the blockchain, with its transparency and security, may finally enter political impact areas, such as presidential elections.


However, as the years have shown, there are several obstacles that must still be overcome for the success of this technology. Starting with the obsolete regulations, causing the application of Blockchain platforms to occur more slowly. This occurs particularly, ironically, in western developed countries, such as the United States or the United Kingdom.

Let’s imagine the world

In the same way, we can conclude, imagine the world as if tomorrow we could vote in the presidential elections using Blockchain technology. Can you imagine being able to finally see the votes in real time if Trump is re-elected?

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