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Interest in Bitcoin stronger than ever


Two days ago the most important hack in the history of Twitter was registered. To be more specific, some celebrities’ Twitter accounts were compromised as part of an apparent Bitcoin scam. Was interest in cryptocurrency affected?

The biggest Twitter and Bitcoin hack, what is your relationship?

Obviously, the news was made to sound on social networks since it was about celebrity accounts like Barack Obama, Elon Musk and others.

In this sense, many comments and discussions were generated on social networks. Overall, many people assumed that the hacking was in some way the fault of Bitcoin or the crypto community.

However, this assumption could not be further from reality.

The hacking victims saw tweets posted through their accounts asking followers to send Bitcoin to a specific anonymous address.

That is, the scammers made use of Bitcoin for their plans but BTC is not to blame. However, his image was damaged.

Was interest in BTC affected?

Despite the fact that Bitcoin is not to blame for being used as part of the hacker strategy, it is clearly affected.

The attack strengthened the anti-Bitcoin belief that many people still have, as if the hack changed the potential behind the cryptocurrency.

In fact, moments after the situation was made known on Twitter, the price of Bitcoin fell. However, as we commented previously in CryptoTrend, we cannot assure that it was the cause, but it was undoubtedly an important factor.

However, regarding the interest that exists behind Bitcoin, it has managed to recover and increase in recent days.

Bitcoin interest chart offered by Google Trends where we observed a rebound in recent days. Twitter
Bitcoin interest chart offered by Google Trends where we observed a rebound in recent days.

In this sense, with this we want to reaffirm that Bitcoin has nothing to do with what happened, but was used by fraudsters as a mechanism to carry out their plans.

Ensuring that Bitcoin is to blame for what happened is like ensuring that the US dollar is to blame for such terrible actions as drug trafficking, human trafficking, among others.

It is someone else’s fault, not Bitcoin’s. For this reason, we continue and will continue to trust Bitcoin.

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