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Is the Blockchain useful in elections?


The extremes are not good in any aspect of life. And that includes the debate about the usefulness of Blockchain technology. Well, while a sector of society totally denies that it must be used by companies, organizations or governments. Another sector tries to include it everywhere, even in political elections.

Blockchain, utility beyond cryptocurrencies

Today, most people familiar with technology recognize the usefulness of the Blockchain in all aspects of society. What has allowed block chains to be used in areas as different from each other as education, health, agriculture, industry and finance.

However, not everyone has understood the importance or possibilities of Blockchain technology. Equating it with cryptocurrencies, and immediately disqualifying it as a speculative product with no real value.

Thus, there has been a confrontation between these two sectors, which has led to the radicalization of certain groups in the crypto community. Which not only defend cryptocurrencies as the future of the economy. But they ask for the use of Blockchain technology, in practically all aspects of our lives. Including, of course, political life.

Block Elections

In this way, multiple proposals have emerged in recent years for the integration of block chains in electoral processes. Arguing that this would increase their reliability. By making it almost impossible to hack the counting of votes, as well as anonymity in the exercise of this right.

A vision that MIT professor Ronald Rivest would not agree with, for whom this would complicate the electoral system too much. Thus, for this teacher, if the Blockchain were integrated into the electoral process, it would reach a point where the dependence of the elections on the system would be too large.

Blockchain technology really doesn’t fit for a couple of reasons. One is that we have learned that we need software independence (…) If you use any technology, use the paper ballots to check it (…) This is called software independence, so it is not necessary to rely on the results because some software is trusted . It is a dangerous path to follow if it is not necessary to do it, and with the votes we really do not need to do it“.

And, although Rivest’s opinion does not mean an end to the debate about the integration of the Blockchain in electoral processes. If you raise an important question for the crypto community: Is Blockchain really necessary in all processes of society? A question that we have decided to turn into our Data of the Day today here in CriptoTendencia.

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