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“Just a matter of time”: This is how Twitter boss Jack Dorsey wants to bring Bitcoin into the mainstream

"Just a matter of time": This is how Twitter boss Jack Dorsey wants to bring Bitcoin into the mainstream


Twitter boss Jack Dorsey and his company Square Crypto have announced their first product. The payment company’s digital currencies department is working on a “Lightning Development Kit” to help Bitcoin wallet developers integrate the micropayment network into their existing products.

The Lightning development kit, in a blog posting on Tuesday announced, will developers an API language bindings, demo applications offer and other functions to make the Lightning Networks easier and safer integration.

In the post, Square Crypto explains that the development team is in an excellent position to tackle often overlooked and underfunded projects in the industry.

For his first project, the company wanted to work on something that would have a significant impact on the use of bitcoin without retention, lack a clear business model, and draw the attention of open source developers – to make sure that it does Project itself.

The Lightning Development Kit will make it easier for developers to finish their own Lightning wallet without having to develop new software. Square Crypto comments that discussions with wallet developers have highlighted the need for additional developer tools for smooth integration into the Bitcoin micro-payment network.

Square Crypto adds:

“… with the support of developers such as Acinq, Blockstream, Lightning Labs and open source developers around the world, it is only a matter of time before instant, low-cost Bitcoin payments are as common as cash used to be.”

Square Crypto and Bitcoins Lightning network

Not surprisingly, Square Crypto is working on Lightning Network developer tools first. Co-founder and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a well-known Bitcoin fan. 

Last year, Dorsey vigorously advocated Bitcoin as the ideal currency on the Internet.

Dorsey is also known as a financial supporter of the development company Lightning Network Lightning Labs. The CEO was part of a group of investors who contributed a total of $ 2.5 million to start up in 2018.

The Square founder also supports efforts to bring the micro payment solution to Twitter – his other company. Last year, he publicly demonstrated the Tippin Lightning Network tip service through his own account on the social network.


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