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Justin Sun denounces violation of his property


The birth of Bitcoin brought with it the popularization of Blockchain technology, and with it a series of fundamental values. However, they are not always respected and sometimes there are even clashes between sectors of the crypto community defending the same principle. Something similar to what happened in Steem with Justin Sun, and about what he talks about in the Tweet of today:

Justin Sun’s tokens

The past few weeks have been very busy for Justin Sun. Well, after the cryptocurrency tycoon acquired Steemit, the decentralized Steem-based microblogging application, a confrontation began between Sun and the cryptocurrency community.

In particular, due to the 74 million tokens acquired by Sun together with Steemit, which would provide him with the power to make decisions within the Blockchain. Something that was quickly perceived by the community, which launched an update within the blockchain to freeze Sun’s tokens and prevent their dominance.

This triggered the anger of the businessman, who immediately mobilized to give a coup d’etat within the Blockchain, something that we have already reviewed here in CryptoTrend. But above all, it has sparked a debate about respect for private property within the Blockchain.

And it is that, for Justin Sun, the actions of the Steem community were a violation of his property. By preventing him from being able to use the Steem tokens he had legally acquired, in whatever way seemed convenient to him. Being respect for private property one of the basic principles of Blockchain technology.

When #Bitcoin was invented, the beauty of crypto was that no one could take it away from you. The sanctity of private property is guaranteed by the mathematics and the code behind it. Freezing people’s funds violates the basic fundamentals of cryptocurrenciesSun wrote on his Twitter account.

But Sun’s complaint about the violation of his property only seems to have further marked the differences between the two sides. One who agrees with him and another who is in favor of the group that froze their funds.

And it seems that this difference will continue between two of the fundamental values ​​of Blockchain, on the one hand, respect for private property, and on the other, democracy and the capacity of the community to make decisions.

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