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Leading Tesla Investor Believes in Bitcoin


A major investor who makes a presence at the electric car company, underscores his trust in Bitcoin and gives the cryptocurrency a good outlook.

After the interesting performance that Bitcoin has had so far in 2020, and despite the economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19, this investor undoubtedly believes in BTC.

The same one that assured that Tesla will multiply its shares x7 times by 2024, now supports the cryptocurrency.

It ensures that BTC is an asset with the potential necessary to be used in the current economy, in addition to having great receptivity. Why do you believe in Bitcoin?

The possibilities of cryptocurrency

A top Tesla investor, recognized as Ask Invest, believes in the qualities that BTC implements in its structure, and this stance is not that recent.

As of 2015, Ask Invest had plans with Bitcoin. Back then he bought BTC from Grayscale for $ 230 a unit.

This firm supported the emerging Elon Musk company with its renowned and massive $ 7,000 price target on the shares.

Likewise, he trusts the possibilities that Bitcoin offers, showing more concern for legal regulations than for the financial structure of the cryptocurrency itself.

Openly believe in the potential of cryptocurrency. As well as estimates the growth of Tesla, it points out that Bitcoin will take an important part of the gold market compared to its current appreciation.

In conjunction with Ark’s general opinion, one of his analysts, Yassine Elmandjra, wrote his judgment:

“Although scarce and durable, Bitcoin is also divisible, verifiable, portable and transmittable, a range of monetary features that give it superior utility, potentially boosting demand and finding it suitable, if not superior, for the role of global digital money.” .

What came first, the bubble or stability?

The fact that Bitcoin is constantly in controversy for its uncontrolled appreciation, considered by many as a bubble and by others as a brilliant investment opportunity, is no stranger to anyone.

Unlike many, Ark Invest believes that Bitcoin will be the ideal candidate to be the first and main digital currency of the future.

“We believe that, as a suitable competitor to the first global digital money, Bitcoin should attract demand that is at least similar to that of gold.”Elmandjra said.

“The complexity of Bitcoin should not prevent financial institutions from analyzing it in depth.”

The analyst refers to the expulsion of Bitcoin by Goldman Sachs

Leading Tesla investor Ark Invest believes in the possibility that Bitcoin will perform better in the future. Source: 3D Printing Industry.
Leading Tesla investor Ark Invest believes in the possibility that Bitcoin will perform better in the future. Source: 3D Printing Industry.

Bitcoin escalation

The truth is that in the economic sphere, with the current events related to the pandemic, Bitcoin has been an important safeguard alternative for many investors.

BTC, through the cryptocurrency platform, has offered the community a new, never-before-seen way that you can trust in the worst of times.

Compared to the market in general, Bitcoin, against other important assets such as gold, has managed to impose itself and chart a trend that took many by surprise.

Based on this, investors such as Ark have been interested and hopeful in determining the course that the cryptocurrency will take, making their positions known and trusting that it will have a good future.

Do you agree with this investor? Will Bitcoin achieve the expected growth?

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