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Max Keizer Winks at the Hispanic World


The Hispanic world is becoming increasingly important within the crypto community. As thousands of new users from Latin American countries enter the crypto market. Whether trading, or founding companies and organizations dedicated to Blockchain technology. Therefore, it is not surprising that Max Keizer winked at the Hispanic world, tweeting one of the articles from CriptoTendencia.

Who is Max Keizer?

Over the years, Max Keizer has become one of the best known figures in the crypto world. Especially thanks to his analyzes of the market and his opinions on the future of Bitcoin. Having been one of the first figures in the financial world to embrace BTC as the currency of the future.

And, Max Keizer is an American journalist and investor, known for being the presenter of the Keizer Report. A financial analysis program issued by the Russia Today network, where it comments on the main trends in the financial market.

In addition to having participated in productions such as The Oracle with Max Keizer on the BBC, and writing regularly for The Huffington Post.

However, his move from market analyst to crypto influencer didn’t take him until 2013, when he stated that if he had financial control over the city of London, he would base the entire city’s economy on the use of Bitcoin. Thus becoming one of the strongest defenders of BTC within the financial world to this day.

Making headlines recently, after declaring that Bitcoin will be the lifeline of the economy after the Coronavirus crisis. In what is a prediction that the financial market will shift from traditional fiat money to crypto assets once the pandemic passes.

His nod to the Hispanic world

But now, Max Keizer has surprised the Hispanic world by retweeting an article published in CriptoTendencia. In which we take care of reviewing a comment made through your account Twitter, where he assured that a 15-year-old boy can be a better investor than Peter Schiff, if he dedicated himself to investing in cryptocurrencies and not in gold as the American magnate did.

Thus, with the message “Like any 15-year-old boy, he can beat @PeterSchiff and prove he’s incredibly overrated and wasted his life” Max Keizer published the article written on our website. Thus endorsing its content and repeating its central message: in the digital age, using cryptocurrencies is an advantage over traditional investors such as Peter Schiff.

For us at CryptoTrend, knowing that a crypto influencer of the likes of Max Keizer can be a reader of our writing, does nothing but encourage us to continue providing quality content to our users.

Bringing analysis and quality news, at the right time. Thus leaving the name of the Hispanic world up against the entire crypto world. And proving that in Spain and Latin America we also speak Bitcoin.

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