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Nasdaq starts using Blockchain


This Wednesday, Nasdaq announced its association with the Corda company for the use of its R3 platform, in order to manage digital asset markets using Blockchain technology.

Through the platform, the issuance, trading, settlement and custody of the different digital assets can be supported. Thus, an accounting service backed by a book confirmed by consensus and impossible to manipulate will have been created.

This service will be anchored to others used in the asset markets, where match engines, data discovery, reporting services and surveillance stand out.

Nasdaq’s partnership with Blockchain platform increases confidence in digital markets

With the launch of this platform, Nasdaq will increase its growth, offering investors a more reliable and dynamic digital asset market, thanks to the transparent and immutable management offered by Blockchain technology.

Corda R3 is designed to be useful in high regulation environments. For this reason, it has not been a problem to associate with the successful technology exchange.

This is not the first time that Nasdaq surfs on Blockchain technology. In October 2019, the company released an index of the top 100 cryptocurrencies in the market, listed by relevance through Artificial Intelligence.

It is clear that the core technology behind cryptocurrencies is getting closer to entering traditional markets.

Blockchain company Diginex may be the first to join the NDAQ index, and it may be very soon.

About Corda R3

It is an open source Blockchain platform, for companies to carry out their transactions directly and privately. This is accomplished through smart contracts, thereby reducing transaction costs, record keeping, and lessening the difficulty of business operations.

Corda R3 is available both for free, via the open source download on GitHub. It also has a paid version called Corda Enterprise, aimed at the business sector, with services adjusted according to customer needs.

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