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New addition to the Binance team


The world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, has made an interesting addition to its team, Lu Mai. Who is it, and how far can the Binance team go?

Today, April 15, Binance welcomes Lu Mai, former head of IBM’s technical rescue and services team, as the new Vice President of the Asia-Pacific region.

Who is Lu Mai? Why are you joining the Binance team?

Binance’s press release claims that Lu Mai graduated from the Department of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University, which ranks among the top five in the world.

Also, the statement ensures that Mai has extensive experience in the development and operation of the technical field. In turn, it has made considerable achievements in research and development, server system technology, and other aspects.

As we mentioned earlier, Mai worked for 6 years at IBM. He held the positions of server engineer, project managers and technical department manager. Not to mention, he was responsible for building the IBM Asia-Pacific technical rescue and service team.

Without a doubt, at the moment, he seems like an excellent addition to the Binance team. Proving that the world’s largest exchange needs the best of the best when hiring people.

In addition, Binance comments that Mai is also an entrepreneur, since he founded the application “Haowu (物 物 APP, roughly translated as ‘Good Goods App’) and the Nagu origin brand”. Mai has been quite successful in her endeavors, increasing Haowu’s user base to more than 2 million people in less than two years.

So, on a technical and professional level, Lu Mai seems to be the perfect candidate for the position given his long career and experience. But what do you think of Blockchain technology and the sector in general?

Mai’s thoughts on the crypto industry

The crypto industry has faced a lot of skepticism based on fear caused by the unknown. Therefore, it is worth asking what Mai thinks about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Are you up for the job and part of the Binance team?

In the press release Binance assures that Mai expressed the following: “The blockchain industry is still in the early stages of development, and its potential is immeasurable. As a leader in this industry, Binance must have enough room for imagination in the future and lead the industry forward

He also added that he is very happy to be able to join the Binance team to work together with his colleagues in search of new opportunities and challenges.

So it seems that Mai, in addition to having an exceptional professional career, has an open mind towards new challenges and new technologies.

According to the crypto exchange, Mai’s goal in her new position will be to locate Binance products and services to better meet the needs of user groups based on her region.

The Binance co-founder assured that Mai “He has a great enthusiasm for the Blockchain industry and has a double vision of localization and internationalization. We hope you can lead the team towards continuous improvement and innovation to create a new story in the great Binance family.

What do you think of the new incorporation of Binance? Let it know in the comment box.

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