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Quick news: Bitcoin on the rise and Blockchain on trial


Bitcoin up to $ 7,000

Bitcoin remains on the rise, hovering around the $ 7,000 zone. Value that will be key to overcome in the short term to go for more.

It can be seen that Bitcoin rose to $ 6,863 early Tuesday, after rising from $ 5,700 to $ 6,600 on Monday.

Recalling that Bitcoin and gold showed clear signs of strength just after the FED revealed the extent of its money impression. In this way you can see that Bitcoin is not the only one on the rise, gold is accompanying it.

Paxful and Chainalysis create partnership

Paxful has deployed Chainalysis cryptocurrency research and transaction intelligence software tools. This was announced by the company on Monday in a joint press release.

The deal represents a radical change for Chainalysis, one of the industry’s leading crypto surveillance developers. Furthermore, it is recognized as a regular partner of exchanges, governments and private companies.

I had never signed with a peer-to-peer client, because these companies were considered too risky to do business. In this way, it can be seen that the Blockchain company is being tested.

Blockchain wallet provider ZenGo tests security flaws

Cryptocurrency wallet provider ZenGo has built a test network to demonstrate a security flaw within Blockchains. It is a major bug that prevails among decentralized application wallets (DApp).

On March 23, ZenGo published an article highlighting that by authorizing a specific transaction, many DApp wallets actually grant access to all of that particular token stored in the connected wallet:

As a result, if the DApp is vulnerable to a security issue or dishonest to begin with, attackers can abuse these very excessive privileges to steal ALL the properties of the DApp users (in the approved tokens) without any other consent. of the user ”.

Russian Minister tests cryptocurrency and Blockchain

The Russian Federation Ministry of Economic Development reportedly prepared a bill that would allow testing of cryptocurrency and blockchain developments within a special regulatory sandbox.

The document released today by local news agency Izvestia says the bill was submitted to the State Duma, the lower house of the Russian Federal Assembly, on March 17.

Izvestia reports that the experimental law would refer to embedded digital technologies in eight industries, including health, financial markets, commerce, transportation, distance education, construction, manufacturing, and government services.

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