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SimpleFX has paid features for Hispanics


SimpleFX, the leading provider of leveraged CFD trading, recently updated its platform to provide new payment features for its users in Spanish-speaking regions. This is in line with SimpleFX’s effort to simplify trading by allowing quick and easy account financing using widely recognized additional payment options.

New payment functions by country

Mexico: SPEI and OXXO join

SimpleFX WebTrader integrated SPEI into payment methods to offer secure, efficient and near real-time payment functions to users in Mexico. SPEI is one of the most reliable payment providers in the country, highlighting that it is owned and regulated by Banco de México, the country’s central bank.

Making payments through SPEI is fraud free, because they operate through a private and protected network. Its paid services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Users can also trust OXXO for simple and convenient physical payments using local currency. OXXO payments use coupons for users to make cash payments offline.

To do this you just have to print the OXXO vouchers that will appear after payment on the SimpleFX platform. By presenting this coupon at any of the 13,000 OXXO convenience stores located across the country, you can pay Fiat money without the need. This method makes crypto trading very accessible to those who do not yet have bank accounts.

Online payment methods are available with credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Chile: Payment through WebPay Plus

Good news for merchants in Chile! Payment through WebPay Plus is now available. Developed by Transbank, WebPay Plus is a fast and reliable payment system in Chile that allows users to pay online with credit and debit cards.

The cards accepted are the MasterCard, Visa, Red Compra, Magna and Diners Club credit cards, among others.

SimpleFX WebTrader also accepts online bank transfers for the account holders of Banco Falabella, Banco Security, Banco CrediChile, Banco BICE, Banco de Chile, Banco Estado, Banco Santander and BCI.

Colombia: Baloto and Efecty as support

Alternative local payment methods are favorable for some Colombian users. That is why SimpleFX WebTrader integrated payments through Baloto and Efecty, so that users make offline cash payments in local currency.

Baloto is an option for consumers who want to pay in cash. It is very convenient because it uses a coupon payment system. Users will receive a Baloto coupon at checkout. Show the Baloto coupon to any of the 10,000 affiliated outlets across the country and complete the payment.

Efecty is another widely used coupon based cash payment option in Colombia. The same process is applied with Baloto. Print the Efecty receipt after completing an order and pay at any of the 8,000 Efecty locations in the country.

Users can also complete the payment of their deposits by bank transfer to BBVA Colombia and Bancolombia.

Peru: Western Union joins

Western Union joins the list of hassle-free payment methods on the SimpleFX platform. It is one of the world’s leading payment providers. With Western Union, users can easily place a deposit request on their SimpleFX accounts and pay in person at any Western Union point of sale, online on the Western Union website, or by calling their customer service over the phone. Payments are always safe and direct.

Bank transfers are also accepted through BCP, Caja Arequipa and other important and municipal banks throughout the country.

More countries

Users in Uruguay can quickly fund their accounts using Red Pagos, a reliable network responsible for most payment and collection transactions in the country. Deposits with Express Payment at checkout are also available to users in Paraguay.

SimpleFX plans to add more payment functions to Argentina. Stay tuned!

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