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SimpleFX offers us a great deal this Valentine’s Day


SimpleFX, one of the fastest growing margin trading applications, comes with a promotion that may interest you for Valentine’s Day.

This offer is that for today, February 14, they decided to reduce all their margins or spreads by half.

In a context where geopolitical conflicts between the US and Iran, the US and China, Brexit, the climate crisis affects not only the crypto market but the general economy, good offers are always appreciated.

Therefore, we must take advantage of the way in which cryptocurrency technology is maturing. Also, we must consider that factors such as the emergence of new players, and the halving of Bitcoin in May will shake the markets. Thus, SimpleFX offers an incredible opportunity for those who are interested.

What exactly are SimpleFX services?

SimpleFX WebTrader has won multiple awards for its great ease of use on mobile devices, its remarkable speed, and a strong user community. It is growing very fast – since it has 240,000 active merchants worldwide.

SimpleFX Webtrader is an trading platform, where you can buy or sell hundreds of financial instruments (crypto, stocks, gold, and more). You can manage accounts in dollars, euros or cryptocurrencies. The important thing is that they have no minimum deposits.

The reason to mention them today is that in 2019 SimpleFX went viral, and managed to maintain its momentum until 2020. Then, in early 2020, they introduced the Tether payments and plan to launch a new website. Finally, they offer up to 25% of lifetime income of each account registered with your link.

How to become an affiliate?

Simply visit and register an account with your email. It is not necessary to make a deposit. Once you register with SimpleFX, click on the ☰ icon in the upper left corner of the application and then choose «Recommend friends» from the menu. You will be redirected to the affiliate panel. For better transparency, SimpleFX uses a third-party affiliate tracking system,

The promotion of the offer began today February 14, at 00:00:01 UTC, and will last until 23:59:59 today. It is time that you give yourself the opportunity to start trading in a free real account without minimum deposits.

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