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Success stories in the Blockchain world: IBM


When talking about the main promoters of Blockchain technology in the world, the name IBM is one that cannot be missed. Although at first it was believed that the blockchain could only be used in matters involving cryptocurrencies, little by little it has been discovered that this technology has much greater potential.

This is the first of a series of articles where we will describe the success stories of companies that have used this technology. We will start with IBM, considered one of the leaders in this sector.

IBM bets on the Blockchain path

The transnational giant IBM, is characterized by providing the latest technology solutions. With over a hundred years in the industry, it is not surprising that this company remains one of the leaders in the sector. However, the interesting thing about Apple’s main competitor at the end of the 20th century is that it decided to take a risk in a market where very few outside the crypto industry would have dared: Blockchain.

IBM was one of the first companies outside the ecosystem of digital currencies to bet on blockchain technology. Although it was a movement that, for many, was too risky, today it is paying off.

And, betting on Blockchain when most believed that it could only be used for issues related to Bitcoin, was not easy. However, from the multinational they could see that the potential of this technology went far beyond cryptocurrencies. I just needed a little push.

That was when they decided to support small projects that used technology. When they discovered that these were actually giving results, they embarked on larger projects to even create their own division dedicated solely to Blockchain.

Services and success stories

The Blockchain division of the company also promotes itself as the best blockchain alternative for those who want to innovate in southern companies or projects. And they not only offer a general service, but have different solutions for specific needs.

Currently, they are managed with three star visions: greater confidence, pioneer companies and new business models.

Talking about «Greater confidence means more efficiency«, Try to help« advertisers and agencies eliminate opacity and prevent intermediaries from costing billions of dollars in fraud or waste of online ads ».

IBM blockchain

His vision of «Pioneer companies are winning», explains how wholesalers, producers and distributors are improving their visibility and responsibility using Blockchain. A clear example of this is the IBM initiative Food trust.

And the «New business models that unlock value», which bring together banking rivals to offer new financing opportunities to small and medium enterprises. In addition, the blockchain can help them in the internal efficiency of their own operations.

Some of IBM’s most important projects have been previously reviewed in CriptoTendencia, such as its alliance with Unilever, its collaboration with Travelport and even assured that it could ally with the controversial Libra.

Impact on the world

IBM ranked first in the rankins of leaders in Blockchain technology. He led the list of Juniper Research 2017 and of HSF 2018.

This has generated a great impact on the other companies. In fact, several analysts say that it was thanks to IBM that other large companies ventured to bet on Blockchain technology.

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