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The 5 most optimistic Bitcoin 2020 predictions


When the next Halving Bitcoin is less than 50 days away, it is normal for everyone in the crypto world to wonder where the price of the cryptocurrency is going. Therefore, and to try to answer this question, from CryptoTrend we bring you the 5 most optimistic predictions of Bitcoin, about what will happen in the BTC market in 2020.

Most optimistic Bitcoin predictions for this 2020

1- Tone Vays: We already touched the floor

Tone Vays is one of the world’s leading crypto market analysts. His voice being heard by the entire community, when it comes to Bitcoin price predictions. And for the past few months, this voice had not been optimistic at all, predicting a drop in the cryptocurrency price that would position it around $ 2,800.

However, in recent days Vays has corrected his position. Saying that the floor found at $ 3,700 per BTC, during the collapse a few days ago, would be the lowest price Bitcoin will hit for now. So, consequently, the price of the cryptocurrency would remain above this figure during 2020.

The price of Bitcoin reached the floor that Tony Vays would assign to it, which is why we include it among the most optimistic predictions. Source: Coindesk
The price of Bitcoin reached the floor that Tony Vays would assign to it, which is why we include it among the most optimistic predictions. Source: CoinDesk.

Thus showing a correction to their original Bitcoin predictions, changing to more optimistic ones.

2- Anthony Pompliano: The FED did BTC a favor

An even more optimistic position than that of Tone Vays is that of Anthony Pompliano. And it is that, for the founder of Morgan Creek Digital, his predictions are based on the fact that Bitcoin would be preparing to go through one of the best moments in its history. This thanks to the influence of two simultaneous forces.

On the one hand, the measures taken in the United States to combat the economic crisis caused by the Coronavirus. Which have been based on a multimillion-dollar stimulus package, which will lead to a substantial increase in the supply of dollars worldwide. Which, in Pompliano’s opinion, will depreciate the US currency and make Bitcoin more attractive.

The second force that would drive the increase in the price of Bitcoin, would be the Halving in the Cryptocurrency Blockchain. Well, by slowing down the rate of increase in BTC’s money supply, Pompliano expects, like many, a substantial increase in the price of Bitcoin. Therefore, following the opposite path to that expected for the US dollar.

Therefore, the predictions about Bitcoin seem favorable, not only because of its nature, but because of the context that surrounds it.

3- Coinbase Prediction: Halving will change everything

Another analysis that we should review in our list of the most optimistic predictions of Bitcoin, is the one published by one of the most important crypto companies on the planet: Coinbase. And it is that, in an analysis presented in February This year, the firm gave its opinion on the future of Bitcoin after the Halving of May.

Thus, for Coinbase, Halving Bitcoin will essentially bring positive effects on the price of the cryptocurrency. Well, as Anthony Pompliano also believes, the decrease in the speed of cryptocurrency issuance will generate enough scarcity to grow the price of BTC. Therefore, the crypto asset would come closer and closer to possessing the characteristics that make gold the main value reserve asset.

In May 2020, Bitcoin will experience its third “Halving”. Bitcoin is a digital asset with a predictable and anchored offering, unlike the dollar. Bitcoin is designed to be in short supply, like gold. Here what this means and why it is important in a historical context” Coinbase commented on the tweet where he promoted this analysis.

4- Changpeng Zhao: Capitalization of 2 billion

For his part, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao would also find reasons to have optimistic predictions regarding Bitcoin. Above all, due to the immense injection of dollars that the international economy will receive, as a consequence of the economic crisis generated by the Coronavirus.

Thus, as soon as the United States approved its stimulus plan for 2 trillion dollars. Zhao reacted on his Twitter account, commenting that the enormous liquidity that US stocks would bring, could put Bitcoin’s market capitalization at $ 2 trillion. For which, each BTC would have to cost $ 100,000.

5- Max Keizer: Bitcoin above $ 100,000

Finally, what is probably the most optimistic prediction of the crypto market today, is that of Max Keizer. The famous crypto influencer, who in early March commented that the Coronavirus crisis would likely drive Bitcoin’s price above $ 100,000.

Of course, this prediction was made under the assumption that Bitcoin is an asset of value. What would make it necessary, given the drop in the price of BTC due to the Coronavirus a few weeks ago, to reconsider the Keizer theory. However, at a time when BTC begins to regain its value, and with Halving Bitcoin so close, there is always the possibility that Keizer’s prediction will come true.

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