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The Binance Widget celebrates its first month – TREND CRYPT


Binance has been quite active for the past few months. However, one of the projects that deserves more attention is its Binance Widget program. Here we show you a little of the progress they have had in a month by incorporating access to cryptocurrencies in a multiplicity of sites.

Binance Widget advances

Since its launch last March, the Binance Widget has allowed websites to host cryptocurrency purchases powered by Binance, the world’s largest exchange. These websites benefit from adding more features on their platforms and by sharing the fees obtained from transactions made through the Binance widget.

At Binance they have stated that this is an important part of their open platform strategy to boost cryptocurrency transaction channels.

Likewise, they expressed that to carry it out they collaborated with the media, influential people and notable brokers, and thereby promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Ultimately what they are seeking as a company is to offer an easy way for people to buy cryptocurrencies.

With the Binance program launched in March, many sites have used the widget to their advantage. This expands access to cryptocurrencies. Source: CryptoTrend.

Initial results for early adopters

Binance Widget has fueled significant transaction volume in just its first month, thanks to early adopters. In less than 30 days from the launch of the program, they incorporated 54 platforms, including the media, market data platforms, crypto wallets and more.

First, they collaborated with Brave Software, the creator of the Brave browser. Other early users of the program include notable names in the world of crypto, such as CryptoPotato, CryptoSlate, Kriptoteknik (Turkey), (Poland), and more.

These early adopters have helped facilitate a total of $ 3.3 million in crypto transactions during the first month of the program. Even daily volumes have increased, reaching $ 550,000.

How to put Binance Widget on your website?

If you feel inspired to use this widget on your website, Binance makes some methodologies available for it. The process of putting the widget on your website is easy. The widget itself can be easily integrated, so little or no coding experience is needed to integrate the widget.

According to Binance, you have two options for integration, and both options can be done in no time. The first is with the Binance Widget API. The second is with the WordPress Plug-in of the widget. You can find more details about it on their website.

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