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The boring price of Bitcoin tires operators


Bitcoin’s price action has become very tedious for many traders. This, because its price range has been adjusted in recent weeks, ranging from $ 9,000 to $ 9,500. For this reason, the boring price of BTC tires market operators.

Lowest Bitcoin volatility since October 2019

The volatility of the price of BTC, the leading cryptocurrency in the market, has not registered as low levels since October last year as it presents at the moment.

According to the report released by Binance, Bitcoin’s continuous 30-day volatility has been trending downward since June 5, a decrease of over 80% since April, resulting in a price consolidation between $ 8,800 at $ 9,800.

And, the narrow price range has also taken Bitcoin’s 30-day volatility to its lowest level since October 2019, indicating the lack of directional bias. In this sense, the boring price of Bitcoin has caused market operators to tire.

For his part, there is a similar observation made by John Todaro, a researcher at the Trade Block, who ensures that the low volatility range of the main cryptocurrency has kept its price unchanged since April.

Now, since Bitcoin has been unusually calm and quiet in the past few weeks, the Altcoin space has generated phenomenal returns. Altcoins have certainly taken center stage in the past few weeks while drawing Bitcoin interest.

Bitcoin is never going to be truly private, says Andreas Antonopoulos

In a live broadcast of questions and answers on his YouTube channel on July 7, Andreas Antonopoulos has expressed that he would like to see more privacy attributes in Bitcoin.

However, it is unlikely that they will happen in the near future. Antonopoulos, who has pointed out that the creation of such attributes in a cryptocurrency like BTC, expressed:

“It would create a huge degree of discussion,” He mentioned that it is unlikely that Bitcoin will ever implement privacy attributes similar to those used by Monero. “The structure of Bitcoin simply does not allow ring signatures and stealth addresses”, he specified.

Binance faces regulatory problems in Brazil

The crypto exchange Binance does not have the authorization of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) to offer derivative products in the country. According to a press release, the platform does not have the necessary license to act as a securities broker in Brazil.

CVM assures that it remains evident that Binance Futures still offers services for clients in Brazil. The watchdog requires Binance to suspend direct and indirect activity in the country “immediately.”

CVM intends to impose a fine of 1,000 Brazilian reals (~ $ 188) per day for breaking the law.

In a few lines

  • On July 8, a record number of Bitcoin was removed from custody exchanges, with Coinbase leading the charge.
  • BitFlyer, the largest crypto exchange in Japan in terms of trading volume, has announced a partnership with Brave, the browser that protects privacy.
  • Shanghai courts are using Blockchain technology to record hearings as part of a judicial reform pilot, according to local China news on July 8.

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