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The Coin that Could Replace the Top 20


Anyone with a vague overview of cryptocurrencies knows about bitcoin being the first crypto to hit the markets and gain dominance. However, since its inception, more altcoins have found a way into the market, and they are not doing so quietly. 

New coins are revolutionizing the crypto world with their innovative ideas trying to solve what major cryptos do not. Privacy, anonymity, transaction speeds, and costs are some of the few issues clouding the top 20 cryptos. They also limit their functionality to one or countable sectors, hence, not viable for overall use. 

Altogether, Apollo Fintech has come up with the perfect solution for all investors’ problems. Its Apollo Currency is the main competitor with the current top 20 and the Gold Secured Currency following in closely. This article will help you see why.

Apollo Currency

Apollo Currency (APL) grabs the title of an all-in-one cryptocurrency dealing with current issues with other digital coins. As a competitor, APL implements more features than most, if not all, of the top 20 currencies. 

Primarily, it aims to provide one crypto to use over different sectors while conserving privacy, anonymity, and impressive transaction speeds. These are not the only remarkable features. It is the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency currently being the first to implement database level sharding and quantum resistance technology

Hermes Blockchain and Olympus Protocol

APL runs on the Hermes Blockchain, which ensures the coin’s sustainability and maintains it as the fastest crypto in the market. It has sub-second to 2 seconds transaction speed at a global level. In conjunction with the Olympus protocol, it maintains a stable ecosystem for the coin’s functionality. 

The Hermes blockchain further capacitates the staking ability of APL as a PoS coin. The token system gives users the ability to develop advanced tokens without a hassle with complicated codes.

The protocol is the pillar behind the privacy of APL. A three-layered IP masking system assures users of the anonymity of their physical address, hence private transactions. The protocol also facilitates the differentiation of public and private transactions. 

Public transactions are a form of the stretch towards open adoption, while private transactions ensure the exchange of digital assets seamlessly without privacy implications. 

Coin shuffling is a more direct approach to securing privacy endowing users with the option for instant anonymity of their assets. 

Other Notable Features

Database level sharding allows the blockchain to subdivide with every piece of data working independently. Adaptive block generation creates blocks only after a transaction occurs. Two-second block generation allows for 1-2 seconds transactional speeds achievable beyond what has been present in the past. 

Atomic swaps allow the APL blockchain to be interoperable with others without third parties. On the other hand, the Apollo adapter powers developers to make instantaneous changes to the system and protect it against cyber-attacks. The Chain ID enables other blockchains to sustain high speeds by avoiding parasitic traffic. 

Blockchain file storage warrants the availability of legit information from other sources to users while integrating abilities for file storage. Lastly, the Apollo alias system allows users to use a word to stand for a specific text and is used only once. The system helps users remember several aspects of messages or their wallet addresses. It is working to introduce dApps’ infrastructure with unlimited storage space with time.

Adoption Steps

APL is diffusing into different sectors, including government level usage and national bank utilization. On a massive scale, these features will avail the currencies to users worldwide unlimited to digital space. 

Monetary systems allow for ICOs, crowdfunding, and charities to aid the online and real-world community. Other features, such as the voting system, multi-signature system, and mobile wallet, are additional functionalities to push the currency’s mass adoption. The customer support staff and social media presence add icing to the cake.

APL is available on Apollo DEX exchange and others, including BitMart, Sistemkoin, Altilly, and DigiFinex.

Gold Secured Currency

Built on Apollo’s blockchain, GSX is a stable coin backed by gold and mining land. Apollo Fintech owns 3700+ acres of gold mines, and as their stable coin, introduced the currency. The coin receives further support from other precious metals mined and the assets surrounding the same.

Apollo Fintech sets a system that will ensure GSX increases in value infinitely as the assets they hold accumulate. 50% of profits after expenditure are used to develop GSX coin’s infrastructure and increase other assets to help with the value surge. It ensures the coin’s value stays above the backing assets’ value always. 50% of the profits made by Apollo Fintech goes to paying yearly dividends to GSX holders.

Users can redeem accumulated coins from purchase and dividends to an equal value of gold with a minimum redeemable price of $200,000. Besides distributing dividends to GSX coin holders, the platform grants other benefits, including ownership of refineries, the gold-rich land, and any original equipment and resources. Investors that wish to sell the coin can do so on Apollo’s exchange system as long as they fulfill certain conditions or use other exchange platforms. 

Auditing geologists are present to provide guidelines concerning claims of the company’s precious minerals. Frequent evaluations by the third-party geologists ensure even distribution of payments to every GSX coin holder, and that they attain the right amount of shares according to the current asset value. 

Apollo seeks to utilize 25% of its transaction fees to supply more coins to the market and buy more gold and gold-rich lands to back GSX. The coin currently has a pre-sale price of $0.046, with approximately $10 billion coins available for everyone’s purchase with up to 50% bonuses. 50% of the coins that remain after the coin distribution event will be burned to back the circulating GSX. 

GSX incorporates a variety of features for users including, acting as a stable coin, an investment opportunity for users, and a growing cryptocurrency option. It will be the world’s first quantum secured stable coin avoiding effects on the introduction of the technology in the crypto world.

Parting Note

More developments are showing up daily in the digital asset world. Nonetheless, Apollo Fintech is bringing competition in the crypto market with the two cryptocurrencies changing the direction of the wind. 

So far, they are the most innovative coins circulating the system, offering users a chance they never had before. APL and GSX provide a wide range of usability while maintaining the credibility of cryptocurrencies as a fast and secure option for financial investment. 

Though some assume Apollo Fintech’s steps are too ambitious, the coming months will define the future the two coins hold as more implementations come to life.

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