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The feminine power in Bitcoin


To celebrate this day and month of women, we have decided to make an article that exposes the influence of female power in Bitcoin. Making a historical presentation of the relationship between the parties, ending with the current market situation.

History repeats itself

One would think that in the 21st century humanity learned from the mistakes and problems in history, but always gets an opportunity to prove otherwise. We make this reference because by analyzing the history of Bitcoin, we can see that women were oppressed.

A 2018 Word Economic Forum study explained why the feminine had so little influence on the crypto market. The broad report presented two fundamental pillars to explain the situation.

In the first place, a bias inherited from the digital industry and the financial industry, stating that at the time a woman who knew about technology or finance was frowned upon. In this way, women’s incentives around the world were repressed or denied to show interest in Bitcoin.

The second pillar is associated with the first, stating that there was a problem of considerable information access. According to the report, the information centers tended to deny access to women, since they “don’t know the subject.” This caused the information gap to expand, complicating the situation.

Upward female power

However, this situation did not stop women around the world, with their determination they managed to change the trend of the world. The way they managed to break the cycle that was happening was straightforward, but complicated.

By this we mean that women to bridge the gap forced their entry into information circles where Bitcoin was the subject of discussion.

Ignoring derogatory comments, ill-treatment or injustices, they entered the world of cryptocurrencies. Particularly the sites that helped this change were the congresses aimed at all audiences, which only with buying a ticket should treat you as an equal.

In addition, an important influence was the rise of feminist movements around the world, which sought to educate all women, from girls in school, to the grandmother in the corner.

The way to observe that the force paid off is with the report of the Grayscale people. Among the important conclusions to highlight, it is found that of the holders studied, at least 43% were women. This implies that what was once an oppressed minority now seeks to be 50% of the market.

Obstacles remains

Although there seems to be a positive path to gender equality for Bitcoin, it should be noted that the battle is not over yet. Stressing that discrimination persists within the same crypto community, with people with a closed stance that “men are superior and women must stay in the kitchen.” Highlighting that this opinion is held by people of both genders.

Current situation

Coming to the present, it is a pride to be able to say that there are various projects and people fighting for gender equality in the crypto market. From companies like Binance, to educational campaigns around the world, to the congresses we participate. If you want to know each of these, we invite you to read our respective articles about it.

Thanks to women

Finally, we close by thanking women who do not give up and seek to make their way into the crypto world like any other person. Particularly thank and congratulate the editors of our team, @auridiazct @andreinaiglesiasct and @samanthajct for their work and move on.

In addition, congratulate each of our readers for marking a change in the world without knowing, being their search for information and fighting for what they like, being our dear Bitcoin.

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