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The new Xcapit investment product with returns of up to 25% per year


The blockchain is changing the concept of the command economy by governments, central banks and large corporations. Thanks to this technology, there are more and more alternatives that offer decentralization and security, and with it accessibility and transparency: the so-called “decentralized finances”, better known as DeFi.

These are cryptocurrency investment instruments automated by smart and decentralized contracts that make it possible to dispense with financial institutions such as banks.

In Latin American countries, where a huge percentage of the population does not perceive the banking system in a transparent way, DeFi gives it greater possibilities of monitoring and accessibility through mobile devices.

But in turn, the agility of this ecosystem makes newbies dizzy, as there are hundreds of projects, protocols and alternatives.

That is why proposals such as the Xcapit crypto-wallet are so valued by those who want to enter but do not know how.

The startup funded by UNICEF Venture Fund, launches together with 2PI -a decentralized protocol built on multiple blockchains- a new investment tool for the Latin American market, which allows providing its users with access to savings rates in stable currencies and in the future they also expect in other digital assets.

Decentralized protocols such as 2PI used by xcapit are built via smart contracts, in which different immutable strategies written on multiple blockchains interacting with the DeFi world are generated.

The advantage of trading with XCapit is the possibility of simultaneously accessing an investment pool in a simple way, through a non-custodial API and/or directly to the contract of each strategy.

This is how each investor user will be able to put their cryptocurrencies in a vault to obtain profits and access the highest rate in the market, allowing them to earn up to 25% annually in dollars in an automated way, far from the 1.75% granted by a term fixed in traditional dollars in any bank.

With the launch of this new investment product by 2PI, users will be able to enter DeFi investment products and earn returns in the same invested stablecoin (i.e. USDC or DAI). Being able to enter without a minimum and disinvest when they decide. Earnings are updated every 30 seconds.

The interesting thing about the DeFi aspect is that the protocol interoperates with other open source protocols, such as AAVE, Curve, Balancer, and/or any protocol that is considered a “blue chip type”.

“2PI manages to provide the infrastructure between decentralized protocols, which allows us to offer simple and efficient products to the mass public,” explains José Trajtenberg, CEO & Co-Founder of Xcapit, about 2PI.

“Since we founded Xcapit, we firmly believe that the democratization of finances will come on the basis of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which is why we set out to develop products that allow us to provide access and break down barriers to financial products and services,” he adds.

About XCapit

The Argentine startup Xcapit was founded in 2018 with the mission of democratizing finance in Latin America and emerging economies by providing access to DeFi (decentralized finance) in a simple way.

Invested by Unicef ​​in 2021, it develops products that promote the culture of savings and investment, with the aim of revolutionizing the way we interact with money. It has been selected by the Startup Network as one of the Latin American startups with the greatest potential to become a unicorn.

The team has built an open source, self-custodial wallet that allows you to invest easily and safely, automatically, and with very low risk in stable currencies such as USDT, and in others such as BTC, ETH, without the need to be banked.

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