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The possible PayPal and Bitcoin alliance


Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin are a reality that is increasingly accepted. The possible alliance of PayPal and Bitcoin allows multiple companies of great relevance in the management of digital money to begin to take into account their existence, understanding the advantages to be obtained by including them on their platforms.

Bitcoin aims to make the process of international monetary transactions simple, and this persists in the operation of Bitcoin from the beginning. With this rumor of a PayPal and Bitcoin alliance, BTC is taking one step closer to becoming a global currency.

In this way, the goal of marketing by individuals, organizations, companies and governments around the planet is maintained. Regardless of any type of border or limitation.

With the simple rumor of a PayPal and Bitcoin alliance, BTC / USD rose to test the resistance level of $ 9,600.

The feeling of satisfaction among Bitcoin experts has reason, as PayPal has earned itself a position as one of the critics of cryptocurrencies. Since it has always declined the idea of ​​supporting these crypto assets on its platforms. This is how this rumor promises increased steps for the cryptocurrency giant.

Should governments stop Crypto? Jim Rogers debates the possible fall of Bitcoin

The famous partner of the Quantum Fund Group, well known for being the bankruptcy managers of the Bank of England in 1992, shared his opinion on Bitcoin, its use as money and the response of governments to the increasing use of cryptocurrency.

In his words he predicted that central banks will not allow uncontrolled money to be used. Well, he assured that this is the correct way. Since States must act against cryptocurrencies.

For if cryptocurrencies are to succeed, governments may have to be forced to intervene.

For this reason, he mentioned that“… the value of virtual currencies represented by Bitcoin will decrease and eventually become zero. It is difficult for us to move money without government control. “Rogers said, explaining:

“The government needs to know everything, in that lies its power. Controllable electronic money will survive, and virtual currencies beyond government influence will be eliminated. ”

Jim Rogers on government action.

Famous investor Jim Rogers, co-founder of the Quantum Funds group, talks about the future of Bitcoin.
Famous investor Jim Rogers, co-founder of the Quantum Funds group, talks about the future of Bitcoin.

In this way, Rogers explained his point, and under his selfless vision of cryptocurrencies, because, as in any market, he tried to demonstrate that those who are against the crypto ecosystem will always be present. In this case, Jim Rogers set out his reasons for considering Bitcoin a bubble, and that it will drop to 0 at any time.

7-Eleven will allow its customers to buy Bitcoins in stores and CVS Pharmacy

The 7-Eleven chain of stores and CVS Pharmacy stores in the United States now allow you to buy Bitcoins with cash. The service began its process on June 22. This as part of the result of an agreement signed with the cryptocurrency teller company LibertyX.

However, the vision of the person in charge of making this decision was positive.

“Bitcoin is one of the most exciting innovations of the past decade, but its adoption has been limited by trust and accessibility. We wanted to expand our presence so that anyone can buy Bitcoin in familiar places that drive or walk on a daily basis. Now everyone is just a few miles from owning Bitcoin and becoming part of their global community. Buying Bitcoin is as easy as scanning a barcode while shopping for food. ”, sentenced Chris Yim, co-Founder and CEO of LibertyX, explained his reasons in a press release.

As of now, Bitcoin is a common product among the options offered by more than 8,000 7-Eleven convenience stores and 9,000 CVS Pharmacy stores spread across the country..

Another sample of the advances of cryptocurrencies in the daily life of the world.

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