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The Simpsons explain cryptocurrencies by Jim Parsons


There are many series that reflect what happens in a society, because they portray certain aspects of reality. One of the best known for doing precisely this is “The Simpsons.” However, this time it is interesting that in a new episode they decided to give an explanation about cryptocurrencies to viewers, with the participation of Jim Parsons. This actor is known for his role as Sheldon Cooper, a brilliant physicist in the comedy series “The Big Bang Theory.”

“Frinkcoin,” The Simpsons explain cryptocurrencies by Jim Parsons

The most recent episode of “The Simpsons” delved into the complex world of cryptocurrencies, breaking down the issue so that anyone can understand it. It is entitled “Frinkcoin.”

This episode airs today February 24 and features the “most beloved TV scientist” and “The Big Bang Theory” star Jim Parsons. The idea is that Parsons appears on a screen to talk about “a really cool topic: cryptocurrencies based on a distributed consensus system.”

“For cryptocurrencies to work, we need a record of every transaction that occurs. These are recorded in what is called a distributed accounting book or Blockchain, ”says Parsons. Then introduce an animated accounting book that sings, in a slow blues style, a good part of the information. A personal translation of the lyrics would leave us the following song:

“I am a consensus of shared and synchronized digital data that extend across multiple platforms from Shanghai to Granada. Every day I am closer to being the money of the future. Not in your wallet, I’m on your computer ».

“When you use cryptocurrency, the transaction is recorded in the accounting book,” Parsons continues, “and when an accounting book is filled, it is added to a chain of previous books – that is the blockchain.”

The way in which The Simpsons introduce this subject in such a simple and understandable way is quite incredible. Parsons is the ideal character to give details of cryptocurrencies "without being a nerd"
The way in which The Simpsons introduce this subject in such a simple and understandable way is quite incredible. Parsons is the ideal character to give cryptocurrency details “without being a nerd”

What exactly will the episode be like?

According to a press release, Parsons said he loved doing the episode. This chapter shows Professor Frink, who is the subject of a school essay by Lisa Simpson, creating his own cryptocurrency «Frinkcoin». Ultimately, he surpasses Mr. Burns as the richest man in Springfield.

The chapter also explores the world of cryptocurrencies with a concluding text that mentions the environmental cost of cryptocurrency mining and ends with a statement that refers to the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin: «We also know who Satoshi is, but we don’t say it ».

If you want to see the preview of this episode, in English, you can watch it here. But if there is something we do not doubt is that the producers of The Simpsons are always at the forefront of including in their series what happens in the world, in a creative way.

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