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The world’s top crypto companies


In recent years, the crypto world has experienced a true boom. Leading to the emergence of hundreds of companies and projects around the world, which use Blockchain technology to offer products and services to both cryptocurrency users and companies outside the community. For this reason, and to understand who these actors are, today we bring you a list of the most important crypto companies in the world.

1- The exchange number one: Binance

Of course, any list of the world’s top crypto companies necessarily has to start with Binance. And it is that, despite being founded just three years ago, the Changpeng Zhao exchange has earned a vital position within the crypto market.

This is so thanks to the constant flow of innovative products and services emerging from the exchange. Constituting not only a platform for the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Also an entire ecosystem of products whose ultimate goal is the expansion of the crypto world throughout the planet.

Thus, in addition to exchanges between crypto assets, Binance also offers future contracts, a wallet, purchases of cryptocurrencies with Fiat money, a training academy in Blockchain technology, support for emerging exchanges, and is even behind the main market data page, CoinMarketCap.

All of which positions Binance as the most important company in the crypto world, a position that it does not seem willing to leave for now.

Binance is currently the most important company in the crypto world.
Binance is currently the most important company in the crypto world.

2- The door of the United States to the crypto world: Coinbase

There are countries that, due to their breadth and wealth, constitute markets large enough for the expansion of their companies. This is the case in the United States, and its main exchange, Coinbase. Well, even though he was out of his home country, Coinbase doesn’t get as high a penetration level as Binance’s. The exchange has become the favorite option for Americans to acquire cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to this, the company founded by Brian Armstrong in 2012, has become one of the richest and most influential in the crypto market. Offering operations with the main cryptocurrencies in the world. As well as one of the most important and safest wallets available today.

Despite focusing on the American market, Coinbase is extremely rich and influential.
Despite focusing on the American market, Coinbase is extremely rich and influential.

3- The bridge between the crypto world and financial companies: Ripple

When in 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto brought out the Bitcoin white paper, he did so in hopes that the cryptocurrency would lead to a revolution in international finance. Which could remove money management from the control of governments, to return this capacity to society.

However, over the years, this revolution has been taking place differently from what Nakamoto envisioned. Well, although Bitcoin has not yet achieved massive adoption of its use. Blockchain technology itself has allowed significant levels of financial democratization.

This is thanks to the work of companies like Ripple, a company founded in 2012 for the development of its own XRP cryptocurrency. Which tries to streamline financial transactions globally, with the aim of making cross-border transfers become a quick, simple and cheap process.

Outside of the enormous bureaucracy and large commissions to which those who want to send money between countries are currently subjected.

Over the years, Ripple seems closer and closer to this goal. Establishing strategic alliances with traditional financial institutions such as Banco Santander. And offering the use of its Blockchain to all those companies that want to work for the democratization of international finance.

Thanks to Ripple, cryptocurrencies have reached companies outside the crypto world.
Thanks to Ripple, cryptocurrencies have reached companies outside the crypto world.

4- The Asian giant: Huobi

It may seem surprising that, despite being born in China, Binance is not the most important exchange on the Asian continent. In contrast, the penetration of the Changpeng Zhao company in Asia has been quite limited, when compared to its figures in the western world. Where it can be stated without a doubt, that Binance is the most recognized cryptocurrency exchange.

And it is that, since his departure from China shortly after its founding, Binance stopped focusing on the Asian market. Which, has been dominated since 2013 by the second exchange in the entire crypto world, Huobi. A cryptocurrency exchange platform born in China, but focused on the Korean and Japanese markets.

Thanks to this, Huobi has managed to compete directly with Binance, even without owning an ecosystem as broad as that of the Changpeng Zhao company. Simply thanks to the number of operations carried out through its website. Which, having such an impressive variety of products as that of Binance, would undoubtedly make it the most important company in the entire crypto world.

In the Asian market there is no exchange that compares with Huobi.
In the Asian market there is no exchange that compares with Huobi.

5- A giant in decline: Bitmain

Finally, we could not close this list of the world’s largest cryptocurrency companies without talking about Bitmain. And it is that, although in these moments the Bitcoin mining company is going through one of its most difficult periods. Its influence within the crypto market is undeniable.

This is so, the company founded in China in 2013 continues to be today the leading manufacturer of mining equipment worldwide. As well as one of the largest mining farms in the Bitcoin market.

All this despite being involved in a legal fight with the founder and previous CEO of the company, Micree Zhan. Who claims to have been illegally removed from his position at the head of the company, in what has become a real power struggle inside Bitmain.

Which, added to the numerous layoffs that it has been forced to carry out lately, questions whether it will be able to maintain its position within the world of Bitcoin mining.

Despite the problems it has faced in recent times, Bitmain remains a fundamental company in the crypto world.

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