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Twitter ban Ryan Selkis for reporting Coronavirus


Perhaps more important than the economic crisis caused by the Coronavirus, is the disinformation crisis that has been unleashed along with the disease. Well, in the age of social networks, when anyone has the possibility to give an opinion, informed or not, it is normal for fake news to start circulating. Something that Twitter would be fighting against, and the reason why the account of Ryan Selkis, CEO of Messari, has been banned.

The battle against the Coronavirus

Never before has humanity faced a challenge of the magnitude of the Coronavirus. And, the disease born in the city of Wuhan, threatens not only to end the lives of thousands of people worldwide, but also has managed to affect the economy in a way never seen before by our generation.

For this reason, most of the world’s governments are issuing measures to prevent the spread of this virus. The main one being the quarantine of the population, with the aim of reducing the speed of contagion of the virus and, therefore, the risk of collapse of the health services.

However, this is not an effort without resistance. Since the start of the crisis, irresponsible groups and individuals have been engaged in spreading false information about the virus. On many occasions contradicting the direct indications given by national and international health organizations.

Reason why a social network like Twitter, has decided to get down to work and start banning those accounts on the platform that are dedicated to spreading false information about the virus. Working on this effort together with the World Health Organization, to identify the main specialists in the area.

Twitter ban on Ryan Selkis

And this time, this effort has ended with the ban of one of the most important figures in the crypto community. We are referring to Ryan Selkis, CEO of the financial analysis software company for the crypto market, Messari. Without further ado Twitter banned Ryan Selkis.

It is pertinent to remember that Selkis achieved notoriety in 2014, when he denounced the theft of 750,000 Bitcoins that ultimately led to the bankruptcy of the Mt. Gox exchange.

On this occasion, Ryan Selkis would have been giving updates on the number of infections in different countries of the world. Leading to a “shadow ban”, both from your personal and professional accounts.

This means that your tweets will continue to be available to those who followed you before the ban, but for the rest of the tweeters they will appear as “not available”.

Thus, Twitter tries to stop the spread of false news that could lead to the Coronavirus outbreak becoming even worse. Selkis being “collateral” damage in this fight against the Fake News.

The news that Twitter is banning Ryan Selkis represents a blow to the crypto community as it can affect users who were informed thanks to his tweets. However, it is hoped that it can improve the quality of the information available on the social network on the subject. What makes this our Today’s Data here at CryptoTrend.

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