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US intelligence funds research on the effects of ‘Black Swan’


The Office of the Director of National Intelligence of the United States (ODNI) wants to sponsor a postdoctoral researcher to study what would happen if the US dollar lost its status as a world reserve currency. Thanks to this, it was possible to investigate more in this regard, and it was included for the purpose of the Black Swan.

In a list of jobs published late last year, the agency applied for candidates among students and with some knowledge in economics. The deadline to apply is February 28.

Thus, the agency said that research for the intelligence community’s postdoctoral program could help the United States. It should be noted that it is first of its kind.

One of the inherent characteristics of the “black swans” of the markets is their unpredictability.

Knowledge about the black swan and its relationship with the dollar

Specifically, the agency seeks to prepare for the “black swan” events that would threaten dollar dominance.

Also, this type of event is unpredictable and goes beyond what is normally expected of a situation. In addition, it has potentially serious consequences especially on the dollar and its valuation.

Additionally, this study falls within the scope of the National Counterproliferation Center, an ODNI unit that seeks ways to combat the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. In this case, the fight through the prevention of terrorist financing is also included.

On the other hand, officials would not attribute the initiation of the study to any event or trend. Instead, postdoctoral researchers cite predictions of “cryptocurrency enthusiasts,” and the growing economies of China and India as possible factors that alter the dollar.

These predictions have to do with events such as the possibility that a global cryptocurrency or national digital currency can undermine the United States dollar.

If any of these or other scenarios is met, the United States would lose both its status in the world and its global authority.

Importance of understanding about the black swan

The United States recognizes the importance of studying and preparing for events such as the Black Swan.
The United States recognizes the importance of studying and preparing for events such as the Black Swan.

The United States should prepare to identify possible “black swan” events that could revolutionize the financial playground in ways we still don’t understand.

Thus, the post-doctoral program begins on October 1 and lasts two years. The investigation is not classified and the researcher does not receive any special authorization. On the other hand, if they will receive sponsorship, financing and ODNI access to technology.

ODNI said it can also connect the researcher with its experts and other government entities, such as the Federal Reserve. However, it will not provide data or information that is not yet publicly available.

Additionally, the agency is looking for a researcher who applies statistics, artificial intelligence and deep learning to historical events of “black swan”.

Finally, it is sought that it can foresee possible future scenarios. The list suggests that the researcher could look for the most likely scenarios and in what timeframes they could develop.

This is just one more proof of what is done around the world to make the best possible economic decisions, and of research as a tool. That also allows us to see why countries like the United States are always at the forefront of these events.

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