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US Navy invests in Blockchain


In the world there are very few things that cannot be improved thanks to the use of Blockchain technology. Schools, hospitals, companies, NGOs and governments, everyone can take advantage of blockchain for their purposes. And now, the United States Navy wants to take advantage of this with a million dollar investment in Blockchain.

Blockchain privacy

To understand what utility Blockchain technology could have for an army. We must think about the advantages of blockchains for any person or organization. And, they provide two important capabilities: security and privacy.

On the one hand, there is security against any attempt to manipulate the information contained in the Blockchain. Well, not finding all the data that passes through the chain stored on a single central server.

It is practically impossible for a person or group of them to alter Blockchain records. What constitutes an additional protection of importance against hacking.

Also, thanks to the use of cryptographic technology in the construction of the Blockchain. Any external observer who tries to steal the information contained or sent through the blockchain. You will find your attempt frustrated unless you have the necessary keys to decrypt the message.

The US Navy’s investment

For this reason, it is not difficult to understand the vision of the United States navy. When he decides to invest 9.5 million dollars in Blockchain technology. Recognizing in this way, the important advantages that could be provided by using a blockchain.

And, for any army to keep the information safe. Far from knowledge or manipulation of spies and hackers, it is vital. So the contract signed between the US navy and the technology startup Simba Chain. It would be a step forward for the military technological capabilities of the United States.

This company would be commissioned to put it into operation within one year. A platform in Blockchain for sending messages from the navy. According to Simba CEO Joel Neidig, this would be only the first of several contracts that will be signed for the creation of products for the Department of Defense.

In this way, Blockchain technology begins to make its appearance in the military field. Opening the doors to the development of platforms and products that improve the capabilities of the armies of any country. Making this American investment our Today’s Data here at CriptoTendencia.

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