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Voice on Block.One’s EOS will be released soon


On June 5, Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo announced on Twitter that Voice, the creator’s social media platform for EOS Block.One will launch on July 4.

This undoubtedly turned out to be a surprise given that no one expected such a release date.

Voice: A social media platform?

The idea of ​​this application stems from the controversies in which large platforms such as Facebook and YouTube were involved, where cryptocurrencies have not always been welcome.

Therefore, the goal was to develop a decentralized solution where no authority had the power or the ability to censor content.

Voice is a Blockchain-based social media application that plans to be much more transparent. Block.One is the company behind the development of this app on the EOS public Blockchain.

In this sense, being built on the EOS Blockchain, Block.One plans that all Voice interactions will be public and therefore transparent.

July 4th

Salah Zalatimo, CEO of Voice, announced that the platform would be launching on July 4, a little earlier than planned. And, as you know, that day is United States Independence Day, will it be related?

However, it is very important to note that Zalatimo specified that “Only registered users may post or participate. Registration will remain on request until August 15, when users can start inviting their friends. ”

Also, Zalatimo noted that the launch of Voice will turn out to be earlier than planned because “We just can’t wait any longer.” In addition, he added that “We need to recover the social networks of the great technology NOW”.

User independence

Voice has been in beta testing since February 14. The initiative that was revealed raised the return of its value to users through tokens. So the platform you are looking for is to eliminate the current problems, that is, hidden algorithms and private data auctions.

Therefore, the initiative also emphasizes having only real humans on its platform, hoping to eliminate spam, fake users, and misleading content.

Block.One undoubtedly believes in the project since, since the company responsible for the EOS protocol announced Voice, the firm has invested $ 100 million in cash and $ 50 million in intellectual property in Voice.

In addition, Block.One also invested $ 30 million to acquire the domain, which they say will help the platform gain instant recognition.

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