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Wall Street loses its chance with Bitcoin


There is no doubt that Bitcoin has been the most successful financial asset to date in the 21st century. Going in just over ten years from having a value of $ 0 to more than $ 12,000 in which it is currently traded. Generating significant profits for all those who entered the crypto market when possible. Reason why Anthony Pompliano comments in the Tweet of the day, that Wall Street is missing its biggest opportunity by not investing in Bitcoin:

Wall Street and cryptocurrencies

Over the years, more and more companies, governments and organizations around the world have been forced to recognize the value of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Assuming them in your business plans as a competitive advantage. A process that has not finished taking place in the big Wall Street banks.

Well, despite timid attempts by Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs to create their own private virtual currencies. The truth is that, for large American banks, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are nothing more than high-risk speculative instruments. As stated by Goldman Sachs itself in a recently released document.

This despite the incredible performance of BTC in the market, with an increase of 73% in the last year alone. A situation that for the crypto influencer Anthony Pompliano, would be a great opportunity that Wall Street is missing, to enter the crypto market and generate profits with Bitcoin:

Wall Street is missing the biggest opportunity in its history with Bitcoin. Source: CoinDesk
Wall Street is missing the biggest opportunity in its history with Bitcoin. Source: CoinDesk

Bitcoin has grown in the last year more than 73%. Wall Street better wake up before one of the biggest wealth transfers in history is lost“.

Thus, Pompliano makes clear how traditional financial institutions are missing what could be the greatest opportunity in their history. For not ending trusting in cryptocurrencies, and all the positive effects that they are having on society.

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