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Wallets with at least 1 Bitcoin


Having a Bitcoin is not available to everyone. Well, due to its high price, most users of the crypto world have only fractions of BTC known as satoshis in their wallet. Taking to that the number of wallets with at least 1 Bitcoin in them, is quite limited. As reflected in the data provided by the company Glassnode, specialized in the study of the crypto market.

The difficulties of having BTC

Since the birth of the crypto world, over 625 million unique Bitcoin addresses have been created. Which means hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, who at least at some point in their lives entered the crypto market, and owned a certain amount of Bitcoins in their wallets.

However, for most of these people, the amount of cryptocurrency they can possess is limited. Especially if we consider that most of the wallets in the world were created after the great bullish rally of the year 2017. When the price of BTC reached close to $ 20,000 per token.

A figure out of reach for the majority of the population. The one that, even if you have this amount in your bank accounts, cannot invest it all at the same time in a single financial product.

Since then, the price of BTC has been decreasing until reaching the 7,113 dollars that it is quoting today. However, this figure is still a difficult amount to disburse for many of the crypto users.

Wallets with at least 1 Bitcoin: A rising number

So it should come as no surprise that the number of Bitcoin Blockchain wallets, with at least 1 Bitcoin, is quite limited. Especially if we compare it with the number of wallets that exist throughout the crypto world. Currently the number of wallets with 1 BTC or more in them is 790,273.

The number of wallets with at least 1 Bitcoin is constantly increasing. Source: Glassnode
The number of wallets with at least 1 Bitcoin is constantly increasing. Source: Glassnode

However, as complicated as it can be, financially speaking, owning a whole Bitcoin. The number of wallets with this amount or more deposited has been constantly increasing since the creation of BTC. And especially since the big bullish rally of 2017.

Thus, as we can see in the graph above, although the growth in the number of wallets with 1 or more Bitcoin has followed a pattern slightly similar to that of the price of BTC. The trend has been essentially bullish during these years, going from 598,156 wallets with at least 1 BTC on June 1, 2017, to 790,273 today.

All of this serves as a demonstration of the vitality of the crypto world, and its ability to attract investment. Well, at the end of the day, those who have a Bitcoin or more in their account, do so because they trust the future of the cryptocurrency.

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