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What crypto games to play in quarantine?


The world of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology is much, much bigger than many imagine. There are groups that mistakenly believe that this technology is only applicable in the field of finance. For this reason, and to show the achievements that even blockchain has achieved in the field of entertainment, today we bring you two crypto games for you to play during quarantine.

How relevant are crypto games?

From the beginning, Blockchain technology has triggered a true revolution worldwide. Improving security, flexibility and speed in dozens of processes in all sectors. Whether it’s education, industry, agriculture, or finance, blockchains have shown themselves capable of improving the ways things have been done so far.

And the video game sector has not escaped this trend. Being in fact, one of the application sectors of the Blockchain with a greater potential for the years to come. Well, crypto games offer capabilities that traditional video games cannot take advantage of.

Thus, for example, in crypto games it is possible to create unique items associated with a token on a Blockchain. Which means that it could be the case of a sword in an RPG game, which can exist indefinitely and accumulate experience. Thus, after 2 years in the gaming world, the sword will have a unique and unrepeatable journey, which would continue even when changing hands between players.

Or even, it could get to the point where the items and abilities of a game are transferred to others through the Blockchain. Capabilities that are currently being underused, due to the early stage of development that crypto games are in. But they are the most promising for the future.

A classic for everyone: CryptoKitties

However, and despite just starting out, there are a couple of crypto games to play with committed communities. And therefore, they can be enjoyed by new users during this quarantine period. Representing a decent distraction option for members of the crypto community.

Thus, the first of these games is one that is already considered a classic in the entire world, CryptoKitties. And it is that, if Bitcoin was the cryptocurrency that popularized virtual currencies and blockchains worldwide. CryptoKitties did the same with crypto games.

The dynamics of the game is simple. You will be the owner of a virtual cat with unique characteristics, tied to a token in the Ethereum chain, making it unrepeatable. And you can exchange it, sell it, pair it or whatever you want to do. Being a very simple game, and therefore perfect for you to play during quarantine.

Cheeze Wizards, another hit from Dapper Labs

However, CryptoKitties would not be the only crypto game available. Well, the same company that developed the most successful video game on the Blockchain, has also developed another quite interesting game, and that is obtaining an important success, Cheeze Wizards.

This crypto game would have a more complicated dynamics than CryptoKitties. Being the first battle royale based on the Blockchain and with characters made of cheese. They would be magicians summoned by the player to face in 1 vs 1 battles with other users around the world, in tournaments organized for that purpose.

At the end of the tournament, the last wizard standing will be declared champion, and will be entitled to claim a major prize on Ethereum, accumulated during the tournament. Thus generating a greater incentive for you to play during the quarantine, obtaining not only fun, but also monetary gains.

Other than the ones mentioned here, do you have another favorite Crypto Games to play? Let us know in the comment box.

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