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WHO will use Blockchain technology together with IBM


The World Health Organization (WHO) will use Blockchain technology together with IBM and Oracle, to create a data center to check the information related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

WHO will use Blockchain technology

The platform will be dubbed MiPasa and will launch as a COVID-19 Research and Data Collection Center.

The platform is expected to evolve as tools for data analysis, test data, and information for the detection of Coronavirus are created.

MiPasa will launch as “an information highway from COVID-19,” said Jonathan Levi, CEO of Hacera, the company that builds the platform.

Who will be part of the project?

WHO, IBM and Oracle are the best-known actors in the project. However, the China Health Commission, Microsoft and Johns Hopkins University are some of the other actors involved.

Gari Singh, IBM technical director, commented that it was important to get this union up and running as soon as possible. He also added that all the participants agreed with it.

Also, Singh assured that they started with a brainstorm about the collection of the virus information, how to provide it and use it. They are not trying to force Blockchain technology on this project, but they need reliable sources.

The use of Blockchain technology will be precise to replicate the data, maintain reliable sources and secure the information without it being manipulated.

Another initiative

IBM is also bringing the “Call for Code” initiative. To work on the platform and quickly create tools that can help curb the crisis. Singh commented that COVID-19 test data could be added to the platform.

Using Blockchain technology, information could be entered through a set of applications without knowing who the person is. With this, the group can start gathering information and building new applications from this, Singh said.

The Hacera CEO said analytical tools can provide insights as long as the data on the platform can be secured. He commented that a variety of companies are offering their smart data to stem the pandemic.

“Many of the data providers are getting involved, everyone is rushing to help and no one is charging a dime.”Levi said.

This initiative will maintain an updated database on the COVID-19 pandemic, which can serve as a means of collecting information to stop the crisis.

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