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Xcapit Introduces Function to Optimize Crypto Investments


In times when the possibilities offered by cryptocurrencies and blockchains are expanding, it is advisable to seek out technologies that synthesize processes and optimize the investment experience.

In response to this, the Argentine crypto wallet Xcapit revealed a new function called MetaSwap with which users will be able to optimize their decision when analyzing the fee costs of each decentralized exchange (DEX), in order to choose in real time the one that cheaper, without the need to connect to each one separately.

Assuming that a user wants to invest their cryptocurrencies through the tool that XCapit has to obtain a variable return of between 8% with peaks of up to 25%. This must have the MATIC token in its wallet to pay for the gas of the network (the commission that each blockchain charges in its native token as an incentive to guarantee data security).

The simplification that occurs by having this MetaSwap integrated into the wallet is that, in case there is no MATIC at the time of investing, the MetaSwap function can be used to obtain the amount of MATIC necessary for the operation in a few clicks of the most efficiently and at the lowest cost among all DEX offerings without having to leave the app.

In other words, it will be easier for users to invest in a protocol even if they do not have its native currency, so that, for example, if they do not have enough MATIC in the wallet, they can resort to MetaSwap to obtain the amount necessary with the lowest commission, among all the DEX offers that exist for decentralized finance to “swap” DAI or USDC for MATIC.

“We are directing efforts towards the democratization of finances. With this in mind, offering a tool that analyzes and offers the best option in the market at a given moment implies breaking down barriers and bringing users closer to the benefits offered by DeFi”, says José Tratenberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Xcapit and firm believer that the adoption of technologies has effects on the solution of real problems.

According to Trajtenberg, swaps within the same app make it easier to make transfers to people who prefer to receive money in a specific currency, in addition to allowing them to switch between products with different risk levels or different strategies.

“With this resource there will be a greater “dynamism” in the exchange of crypto assets, which is in line with the idea of ​​blurring the barriers of adoption and opening the panorama towards a greater offer of finances”, he concludes.

About XCapit

The Argentine startup Xcapit was founded in 2018 with the mission of democratizing finance in Latin America and emerging economies by providing access to DeFi (decentralized finance) in a simple way.

Invested by Unicef ​​in 2021, it develops products that promote the culture of savings and investment, with the aim of revolutionizing the way we interact with money. It has been selected by the Startup Network as one of the Latin American startups with the greatest potential to become a unicorn.

The team has built an open source, self-custodial wallet that allows you to invest easily and safely, automatically, and with very low risk in stable currencies such as USDT, and in others such as BTC, ETH, without the need to be banked.

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