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Xpring launches forum for XRP developers


Ripple is probably the largest company in the entire crypto world. Not only due to the financial muscle that the company owns behind XRP, or the number of clients with whom it works. But also for the functionalities that it is constantly adding to the world of cryptocurrencies through its Blockchain. Using projects like Xpring to attract developers from around the world.

Ripple’s long-term strategy

There is nothing left to chance at Ripple offices. Well, the American company has been working on the expansion of its Blockchain platform for several years. Using Xpring as the spearhead of this effort, to integrate the company in all sectors of the crypto world.

And, originally, Xpring was born as the investment arm of Ripple, for the acquisition and transformation of technology companies directly or indirectly related to the Blockchain. In this way, Xpring acquired companies such as Logos Network, a decentralized payment company based in New York.

All this coinciding with a period of expansion in Ripple, which came hand in hand with important agreements with giants of the financial world, such as Banco Santander and MoneyGram. This allowed the company to devote more resources to its expansion plans through Xpring.

Being clear the intentions of the company with these acquisitions for a month. When Ripple announces the transformation of Xpring from an investment and acquisition arm, into an integrated platform for XRP developers. With the aim of using the technology and capabilities of previously acquired companies, for the improvement of Ripple cryptocurrency.

Xpring opens the developer forum

Of course, for a company dedicated to Blockchain technology, the development of its platform cannot only be done with local resources. Continuing with the values ​​of decentralization and independence that characterize cryptocurrencies, the development of block chains must come from the collaboration of the entire community.

That is why Xpring does not intend to carry out all the improvements that can be made in the XRP Blockchain. On the contrary, he tries to put the resources he acquired during the acquisition of other companies, at the service of the developers of his cryptocurrency. Transforming into the words of the Vice President of Xpring, Ethan Beard, in a “central hub” so that scattered currency developers can unify efforts.

With this objective, Xpring has proposed the launch of a web page that serves as a forum for the communication of XRP developers. Trying to make it a connection node, to put in contact the ideas of all members of the virtual currency community. And from which arise the projects that allow it to keep up with the advances of the crypto world.

In this way, not only would the developers be contacted with each other. But Ripple itself would also be allowed to come into contact with the community of its cryptocurrency. Creating, if the project goes well, a more harmonious environment that leads to the growth of XRP through Xpring. What makes this our Today’s Data here at CriptoTendencia.

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