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XTB allows you to invest in Forex and Cryptocurrencies


Forex and Cryptocurrencies are high volatility markets where traders can take advantage of high returns. Thanks to platforms like xStation, from XTB, you can have all the instruments in one place.

XTB is one of the largest investment platforms in the world. It offers its users the option of investing in Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Stock Indices and Stocks through CFDs. It is located in Poland, although it has offices in more than 10 countries and operates with the most reliable financial regulation standards in the world.

The XTB broker has its own investment platform, the xStation5, which is what we will focus on today’s post. You also have the possibility to use the classic MetaTrader 4.

XStation5 trading platform

xStation is a native XTB broker platform that allows you to trade hundreds of financial instruments such as stocks, stock indices, Forex and cryptocurrencies. Everything from a friendly interface and with a few clicks.

One of the advantages of the XTB broker is that it allows you to open a free demo account with $ 20,000 virtual so you can practice. Once your strategies work, you can move on to a real one, which has no minimum deposit amount, although it is recommended to start with at least US $ 200.

All xStation dashboards are very intuitive, making it easy to quickly trade financial assets.

XTB Broker Forex Quote Panel
XTB Broker Forex Quote Panel

Invest in Forex and Cryptocurrencies

If you are looking for high returns in the short-term financial markets, investing in Forex and Cryptocurrencies should be on your agenda. It is worth clarifying that the more benefits you seek, the greater the risk you assume.

At this point xStation has a great advantage, since it allows you to automate buy / sell orders so that you do not have to be glued to the screen all the time.

For example, let’s assume that you want to buy Bitcoin if the price reaches US $ 9,500, well, you can schedule it to be done automatically. It can even be placed that if it reaches a certain level of profit it closes without the need for you to do anything. The same is true if the price moves against you.

Interface to schedule an automatic Bitcoin purchase order
Interface to schedule an automatic Bitcoin purchase order

Automation of orders is very important, since it allows you to put aside emotions, and focus on your trading strategy, which is the one that will give you money if you do things right.

Forex and Cryptocurrencies are the most interesting markets, since their high volatility gives the possibility of finding investment opportunities on a daily basis, not to say hourly.

Another point in favor of XTB is that it allows you to operate with financial leverage, which is 30 times of your capital in Forex, and 2 times in cryptocurrencies. Although there are brokers that offer higher leverage, it is advisable to be responsible in its use, especially when the price moves against us.

XTB in numbers

  • 13 offices in the main cities of the world
  • 15 years of experience in the CFD business
  • More than 450 employees
  • More than 88,000 transactions a day on xStation5
  • Just over 150,000 clients around the world

Without a doubt, XTB is one of the most complete and safest platforms when investing in CFDs, both for Forex and Cryptocurrencies.

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