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Investment Outlook for 2020

Investment Outlook for 2020


A Swedish teenager has left shaking oil producers, airlines and other companies that emit large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 

Encouraged by Greta Thunberg and other activists, investors who demand greener requirements have caused a drop in valuations of energy companies, airlines and car manufacturers. 

These actions will continue to be devalued if the cost of capital increases and lenders tighten their stance with the most polluting sectors.

Technological OPV. Despite a disastrous year, OPVs in the technology sector are expected to reach an optimum point. The markets will attract the IPOs that were postponed in 2019. There will be better results than those obtained by Uber, whose actions have plummeted. Airbnb, meanwhile, defends its favorable trajectory in 2019. Check these boxes.

US-China. The biggest fear of investors is the commercial war between the two powers. Donald Trump increased the pressure when he arrived at the White House. In China, trade tensions have added to a slowdown in economic growth. But, despite being at the tail of the world indexes, Chinese stocks do not seem particularly devalued and are listed within the average price / profits of the last ten years. The Donald Trump / Xi Jinping combination will keep investors in suspense in 2020.

Brexit, pound and dollar. Brexit is inevitable and the pound has stabilized. The British will feel relieved. The fall of the pound has served to reinforce the dollar. But if the trend changes, there will be collateral effects associated with a devalued dollar: an increase in raw materials and the actions of emerging markets. It will be a good year for these assets.

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