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Wall Street closes with records pending the principle of agreement with China

Wall Street closes with records pending the principle of agreement with China


Wall Street  was set on Thursday at intraday records and several large companies reached quotes never seen in reaction to a  tweet from the president of the United States, Donald Trump, early in the trade war: “VERY close to a GREAT AGREEMENT with China. They want it, and so do we!”.

Approximately an hour and a half after the opening of the session at the New York Stock Exchange, the Dow Jones of Industrials rose 0.83% and again jumped the psychological barrier of 28,000, to 28,143.30 points; the selective S&P 500 progressed 0.87% and the Nasdaq market composite index 0.77%.

The actions of large technology companies such as  Microsoft  (0.98%) and  Apple  (0.08%) rose to maximum prices, although the gains in the Dow Jones group were led by  Cisco  (2.62%),  JPMorgan  (2.41%),  Goldman Sachs  (2.09%), Chevron (1.97%) and Caterpillar (1.81%).

By sectors, the most favored were energy (1.81%), financial (1.67%), basic materials (1.12%) and industrial (1%), the latter sensitive to tensions trade with the Asian giant for its export component.

Keep the types

The New York parquet already closed in green yesterday Wednesday after the decision of the Federal Reserve to maintain interest rates after three rebates this year for the good health of the US economy.

Investors only lacked good news about the commercial war, which generated great volatility, and Trump offered a spring for optimism this Thursday, just three days before the deadline on which his government is expected to raise tariffs on Chinese goods If there is no first phase agreement.

According to Dow Jones, US negotiators are offering to cancel those new tariffs and reduce those that are already imposed up to 50% on goods worth $ 360 billion.

The unemployment rises

Applications for unemployment benefits rose last week in the US from 49,000 to 252,000, its highest level since the end of September 2017, although the market did not seem to react to this data published on Thursday.

In other markets, Texas oil rose almost 1% and stood at $ 59.33 a barrel; gold fell to $ 1,472 a gallon, the yield on 10-year Treasury bonds amounted to 1,894% and the dollar gained ground against the euro, with a change of 1,1119.

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