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Watch: Escaped sheep captured near Dunkin Donuts


July 13 (UPI) — A sheep was returned to his family at a California ranch after ending several days on the loose with a trip to Dunkin’ Donuts.

Dawn Jones of Riverside said King Solomon the sheep escaped from his enclosure after apparently being spooked by fireworks during the Fourth of July weekend, when Jones and her family were out of town.

“We couldn’t take him with us, and so the fireworks started going off here on the ranch, and no one was here to console him and he made a break for it,” Jones told KABC-TV.

Jones, whose family adopted Solomon when he was just a lamb about four years ago, said the sheep had a favorite spot to visit when he gets loose.

“He goes to Dunkin’ Donuts because we walk him to Dunkin’ Donuts,” Jones said.

Riverside police received a call about a loose sheep near the doughnut shop and Solomon ended up in the custody of Riverside County Animal Services.

He was reunited with Jones and her family about a week after his escape.

“He’s back and it’s kind of business as usual, although he is a little more friendly,” Jones said.


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