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Why UAS will be a Free and Prosperous Nation but not the New World Order


A novel idea is gathering traction across the globe. The United Allied States, under the presidency of Stephen McCullah, promises to be a disruptor in the existing economic and political order. The U.A.S is a nation of sovereign states united by a common need for economic growth while affording its people unfettered freedoms. 

The New World Order, on the other hand, is based on a conspiracy theory about a single nation that will emerge to exercise unchallenged authority over the globe. Many dread this possibility as its establishment supposedly portends evil to all of humanity. The apparent similarities in the formation of the U.A.S and N.W.O lead to the misconception that they are one entity. It is imperative, therefore, that a clear distinction is made of the two entities.

U.A.S. vs. N.W.O: Separating Fact From Fiction

Beyond the semantics, what then are the differences that set apart U.A.S and N.W.O? By juxtaposing the two, let us debunk the misconceptions surrounding the U.A.S and its perceived relationship to the N.W.O.

Approach to Globalism

The U.A.S. does not envision being a world government. It intends to establish itself in collaboration with 12-24 states, hardly a globalist attempt. However, conspiracy theorists state that the N.W.O plans to form a global government. The same government will establish its authority over all nations through ulterior means.


The U.A.S’s composition contrasts significantly from that of the N.W.O. The U.A.S favors a system where member states join willingly. In doing so, the respective countries retain their sovereignty. On the other hand, N.W.O is premised on the establishment of a system where all governments cede their authority to one super-government. This succession of power is by hook or crook. The individual nations, in this case, do not have the choice of declining. Compliance is mandatory regardless of whether or not they subscribe to the new government’s ideals.

Political Ideology

Nations are defined by their political inclinations. A nation’s political ethos is its identity, distinguishing it from the rest. Democracy is the vehicle of choice for governance in the U.A.S. There is a separation of powers; hence independence of the critical arms of government- The Executive, The Judiciary, and The Legislature- is the guiding principle. 

The reverse occurs in the N.W.O. Here, totalitarianism permeates governance. Individuals and institutions are subservient to the governing authority. The government edict reigns unchallenged.

Roadmap to Influence

Diplomacy and consensus-building are the go-to methods the U.A.S uses to gain influence over partner states. It prides itself on collaboration with the citizens to achieve shared objectives. However, according to conspiracy theorists, The N.W.O employs anarchy and subjugation to exert influence over the whole world.


The U.A.S embraces transparency in its dealings. The government is open, accessible, and accountable to the public. The use of blockchain technology facilitates this transparency through a partnership with Apollo Fintech.

Contrastingly, the N.W.O is shrouded in mystery. The significant players in its establishment are shadowy characters believed to harbor nefarious intentions to humanity.

Approaches to Human Rights and Freedoms

By governing democratically, the U.A.S lays substantial importance on individual rights and freedoms. The government assures every citizen of the sanctity of their lives and unfettered enjoyment of their rights. The same principle doesn’t apply to the N.W.O. The government arrogates to itself all individual rights and freedoms.

Economic Philosophy

The U.A.S government advocates a purely capitalist economic system. It encourages free enterprise with almost non-existent government involvement in the market. Conversely, the N.W.O leans towards a socialist, command-structured economy with the government having a stranglehold on the market.

Regarding Religious Beliefs

Even though The U.A.S acknowledges the foundation in Christianity, it appreciates the right to religious belief. Individuals aren’t discriminated against because of their religious persuasions. Similarly, the government restrains itself from prescribing to religious orientation. Contrariwise, the N.W.O government champions a single,cult-like state religion. The foundation of this state religion is supposedly the unholy triad of the devil, the antichrist, and false prophets.

Role of government in public affairs

In the U.A.S system, the government extricates itself from involvement in public affairs. Its only entanglement in these affairs comes when guaranteeing human rights and protecting life. In sharp contrast, the N.W.O government participates actively and exerts undue influence on public affairs.

Relationship with The U.N

The United Nations and U.A.S are distinct institutions that hold divergent philosophies. Neither are they bound by any pact. Conspiracy theorists, however, cite the U.N as the precursor to the formation of the N.W.O.

Relationship With the Citizens

The government’s primary purpose is to serve the people in the U.A.S system. It strives to cultivate an environment conducive for growth and prosperity. Meanwhile, the government in the N.W.O model is structured to oppress its citizens.

On Borders

The U.A.S visualizes the formation of alliances of partner states while maintaining their traditional borders. In contrast, the N.W.O model favors a merger of nations through the elimination of borders.

Regarding Private Property Ownership

Individuals have the right to own property in the United Allied States. However, in the N.W.O system, all property is owned by the government or corporations “on behalf” of the citizens.

Seat of Government

The U.A.S designates Africa to be the focal point of its establishment and functioning. On the other hand, The N.W.O recognizes Europe as the center of its operation.

Wage Policy

In using a free market module, the U.A.S government lets market dynamics determine wages. Thus, employers and employees can determine fair wages. To the contrary, the N.W.O system sets a uniform wage: a one size fits all salary structure.


The world today abounds in conspiracy theories. Knowing truth from fiction requires discernment. The assertion that U.A.S is the N.W.O is laughable. The core thinkings behind the establishment of these two entities are wide apart. The United Allied States is a beacon of liberation and prosperity to Africa. It not only fights the globalism that N.W.O represents but also champions for citizen rights. It’s a government committed to making the lives of its states prosperous and free from oppression. These are some of the qualities of great leadership and aren’t comparable to evil entities like the N.W.O.

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