Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.

7 savings tips that can make you rich

1. Savings tip: keep track of things

If you are serious about starting saving, It makes sense to keep a household book and get an overview of your finances. You can do this in the classic way with pen and paper, but there are also practical tools and apps that provide you with ready-made templates and add up the values ​​you have entered.

Tip: If you calculate annual contributions or quarterly expenses for the individual month, you can keep a better overview of your real monthly expenses and automatically put something aside for the “bigger chunks”.

Once you have taken stock of your income and expenses, you should consider whether you want to invest part of your “surplus” in long-term investments. It is best to always put this amount aside at the beginning of the month or when you receive your salary so that you are not even tempted to spend it elsewhere.

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