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Advisors see the growing importance of ETFs | message


The results of a survey currently carried out by ebase among 195 finance professionals show that sales partners, such as IFAs, the B2B direct bank, expect the importance of exchange traded funds (ETFs) to grow in the future. “Exchange-traded funds have certainly been one of the top topics of the last decade and there is obviously no end in sight to this trend,” says Kai Friedrich, spokesman for the management of ebase. “In the survey we carried out last year, the brokers already anticipated further growth in ETFs and this trend is clearly continuing. In 2020, too, 90 percent of the brokers assume that ETFs will gain in importance in the private customer business in the next three years, ”said Friedrich.

ETFs are becoming more and more of an issue for intermediaries

While ETFs have been in great demand in the past, especially among professional investors and self-decision makers, the results of the survey show that they are finding increasing acceptance. “The fact that ETFs have become more and more popular with private customers in recent years has made them more and more an issue for intermediaries,” says Friedrich.

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