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Annoyance from the tax office: Incorrect information provided: How to correct errors in the tax return | message


An error in the tax return

Have you already submitted the tax return and only then realize that you made a mistake? You are legally obliged to make a correction by the tax code and you signed at the end of the tax return that all information that has been provided is correct and complete. If you still made a mistake, we will explain how to proceed.

This is how you should proceed

First of all, you should find out which information in your tax return was exactly wrong or incomplete. It doesn’t matter whether the mistake you made is for your own benefit or disadvantage. In any case, you should contact the tax office immediately and report any missing information. This also applies in the event that it is not the last but a previous tax return. As soon as you have informed the tax office, you will be given a deadline in most cases, within which you have to make the correction and then submit the documents again.

What deadlines apply

169 of the Tax Ordinance regulates the fixing period and if the error is small inconsistencies and small amounts, four years apply. There is a period of five years if the tax office sees a “frivolous tax reduction” due to major errors. In the case of tax evasion, this period extends to 10 years. In this case, however, there is an accusation that the mistake was intentional. You only have the possibility to refute this as long as there is no company audit that would prevent a free voluntary declaration. All periods start with the year following the respective tax return.

In general, it is good to know that incorrect information provided by the taxpayer is only a criminal offense if it is based on demonstrable deliberation and you do not report it after you have discovered the wrong information.

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