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Applicable regulations: What must be considered when building a garden house? | message


Whether as a storage room for lawnmowers, bicycles and the like, or as a place to stay with an idyllic terrace, sauna or hobby room, the uses of garden houses are many. But can you even set up your own garden shed in the garden? When do you need a building permit? If you make mistakes when planning, it could be expensive later.

When can a garden house be built?

Even in their own garden, owners must comply with the applicable public construction law. If there is a development plan for the respective plot of land, sheds and garden houses can often only be built within certain areas. For this reason, owners should best inform themselves beforehand about possible restrictions on building plans on their property. In all cases, all construction projects must comply with public building law. If there is no development plan, garden houses must still fit in with the local conditions (34 BauGB).

Building permit: What needs to be considered

Whether you need a building permit or not depends on many different factors, because most regulations depend on the respective federal state and the municipality. Garden houses may generally only have a certain area so that they do not require a permit. According to legal regulations, this is sometimes less than ten cubic meters. The height also varies from municipality to municipality.

If the new arbor is to have a kitchen and toilet, i.e. if it were habitable, it is in any case subject to approval. If it is only used as a tool shed, no building permit is normally required. Whether the hut should be built inside or outside built-up settlements also influences the required approval requirements.

Builders should in any case get information from their municipalities and municipalities before starting construction.

Plan yourself or with a kit?

Construction sites such as those found in hardware stores are extremely popular with homeowners. Smaller objects that serve as a whip house incur a few hundred euros. Larger houses can also quickly cost a few thousand euros. Buyers should therefore pay attention to the scope of the kit. While windows and doors are included in most cases, this does not necessarily apply to roofing.

If you want to plan and build your garden house yourself, you should have a lot of manual skills. In addition, a self-designed garden shed is not necessarily cheaper, because there are end consumer and not wholesale prices. In some cases, high prices are also charged for wood cutting at hardware stores.

A garden shed needs a good foundation in most cases. A slab foundation is the easiest method. The surface must be excavated to a depth of approximately 25 centimeters and then filled with gravel and sand and leveled. If the floor is very soft or the garden house is very large, a simple concrete foundation should be considered.

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