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Brse Frankfurt-News: Bad news ignored (weekly outlook) message


FRANKFURT (DEUTSCHE-BOERSE AG) – The reluctance of the past week has evaporated, things are going up again

on the stock exchanges. However, many analysts warn. Even the demand for gold

as a crisis currency does not signal anything good.

July 13, 2020. FRANKFURT (Frankfurt Stock Exchange). The stock markets shake again

Dramatic corona reports are easy: The DAX is included on Monday morning

12,750 points just under 1 percent in plus – and is again approaching his

After Corona high of 12,844 points. One reason is the good specifications from the

USA: The Dow Jones was at a record high on Friday despite new corona infections

climbed again above the 26,000 mark. The Nasdaq 100 reached

again a new all-time high. A recent study by the US pharmaceutical company

Gilead on positive effects of Remdesivir on the

The course of the disease in corona infected people led to optimism.

Warning signals are now coming from the crisis currency gold: the gold price

reached the mark of. on Friday for the first time in nine years

$ 1,800 a troy ounce, on Monday morning the price is $ 1,806


“Political tensions between the USA and China are increasing”

Christian Apelt from Helaba also points out that the world is last

was not exactly showered with positive news: “The Corona Pandemic

takes its course, the number of new infections confirmed worldwide

a new high. The political tensions between the United States and China

are getting bigger, “explains the analyst

Business indicators show the positive signs, but what after

unprecedented break-in is no wonder. “Do bad on the stock market

News apparently little – so far. “

“Monetary policy compensates for negative factors “

According to Andreas Hürkamp from Commerzbank, the has been extremely expansive

Monetary policy and the wave of liquidity triggered by it an important

Bull trend all encumbrance factors like slumping profits and that

already high P / E ratio more than compensated and the stock markets pushed up.

But that will not continue: “After the impressive rally in

second quarter we expect a sideways trend in the coming weeks

which the DAX should be mostly between 11,500 and 12,800. “

Chart technique: price on 12,916 points

Technically, things are looking good: DZ Bank is interested in selling

According to Friday, it dropped sharply. The bullish trend is likely in the new

Stock market week in a new trend push towards the upper Bollinger band

at about 12,790 points (resistance 1). The cops defended them

relative strength sustainable, is an expansion of the next few days

Bollinger bands imaginable. “This expansion could change the course

again up to the local maximum of June 8th at 12,916 points (resistance 2)

let tend. “

In the new trading week there are above all important economic data from the USA

and the US accounting season begins: big banks like the Bank of America,

Citigroup and JP Morgan are the first, followed by numerous others

Companies like Microsoft and Netflix.

Important economic and economic data

Tuesday July 14th

9 a.m. Frankfurt: IPO of Brockhaus Capital Management AG. Live on

11 a.m. Germany: ZEW economic expectations. The economic expectations

DekaBank believes that it should have received a damper in July. For this

primarily carry global infection numbers with corona and in particular

the escalating situation in the US. In addition, the economic recovery

has so far failed to meet expectations.

Wednesday July 15th

3.15 p.m. USA: June industrial production. According to the

Commerzbank produced 3 percent more in June than in May because of the

Oil collapse and the impact on the important oil industry and its

However, suppliers are still 13 percent less than in February.

Thursday July 16

4.00 a.m. China: GDP second quarter. The economy of China has changed after that

Corona-related slump has recovered strongly since March, explains DekaBank. she

assumes that the gross domestic product in the second quarter by 9.5 percent

has grown compared to the first quarter. That would be an increase over that

Previous year’s quarter by 1.6 percent.

1:34 p.m. Euro zone: ECB rate decision. There are no major ones on the market

Innovations expected.

2.30 p.m. United States: June retail sales. Commerzbank is forecasting a

Sales increase of 6.5 percent compared to May. The car sales are probably

increased again, and the reopening of many restaurants had sales

pushed. In addition, increasing mobility combined with higher ones

Gasoline prices drove petrol station sales up. Of the

Retail sales in June would then only be 2 to 3 percent lower than in


Friday July 17th and Saturday July 18th

EU summit: Decision on the 750 billion euro corona

Reconstruction fund.

By: Anna-Maria Borse

July 13, 2020, © Deutsche Börse AG

(Deutsche Börse AG is solely responsible for the content of the column. The contributions are not an invitation to buy or sell securities or other assets.)

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