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Bulgaria’s head of government presents draft constitution – New protests | message


SOFIA (dpa-AFX) – After around 40 days of protests critical of the government in Bulgaria, Prime Minister Boiko Borissow has surprisingly presented a draft constitution. It also includes changes to what is considered to be ineffective judiciary. The chief prosecutor’s control over the public prosecutors, which has been criticized by demonstrators, should be retained. The bill was brought to parliament on Monday by Borisov’s GERB party. She wants to achieve a “broad agreement” with the other parliamentary groups on the election for a large, constituent parliament.

“The people want maximum representation. (…) The only way is with a new constitution,” said Borissov. He had only announced on Friday that he would resign on the day on which parliament decides on an election for a people’s constituent assembly.

Protesters opposed the government’s plans despite calling for a constituent parliament to be called in addition to the resignation of the government and the chief prosecutor at the start of their actions on July 9. “We don’t want the mafia to write the new constitution,” said an activist on Monday on state radio at a protest blockade by the Justice Ministry in Sofia.

Russia-friendly President Rumen Radew and the opposition socialists (ex-CP), like the protesters, accuse the bourgeois-nationalist government of corruption, mafia-like behavior and dependence on oligarchs. “A crisis like the current one will not be cured with proposals for constitutional amendments, but rather with an immediate resignation,” said head of state Radew at a protest against the government on Monday evening in Varna on the Black Sea.

“Stop bullying other people,” Borissov called on the protesters. Unregistered tent camps have been blocking three large intersections in the capital Sofia for days. There are conflicts with drivers and passers-by. Many local transport lines were diverted. Activists have now announced a new tactic with blockades of institutions. Nurses set up a tent camp in front of the Ministry of Health.

The next regular parliamentary election would be in March 2021. The election for a constituent parliament now proposed by the government could take place in November 2020 at the earliest./el/DP/he

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