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Buy Monero – there are options


How do I buy real Monero?

Originally, the crypto money was supposed to make payments independent of the monetary policy of the central banks and independent of state capital controls. Payments should be made as anonymously as possible. But Bitcoin, Monero & Co. are no longer just the “play money” of some geeks, meanwhile more and more private investors are interested in internet currencies – the potential is high.

Tip: The so-called CryptoNote protocol, on which Monero is based, enables practically complete anonymity. An analysis of the blockchains helps next to nothing to track the Monero cash flow. Nobody can view accounts and transactions without personal access data. In the Darknet, the “dark Internet” often used by criminals, Monero is already outperforming the most famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin.
Investors who not only want to benefit from Monero’s development through a CFD, but who want to own Monero physically, need a wallet for this. A wallet is comparable to an electronic wallet or a “private” checking account. A wallet allows you to make transfers using cryptocurrencies and receive digital money. A Monero transfer does not differ in principle from a transfer via a conventional bank account. Instead of an account number, only a receiving address is required. Because the digital currency is “transferred” directly from person to person without an intermediate instance, there are hardly any fees.

A wallet offers another great advantage: You can combine all Monero there, regardless of which provider you bought them from. You can set up a Monero wallet on your smartphone, which simplifies daily use. You can also save your electronic wallet on your tablet or PC.

Important: If you have installed a Monero wallet on your device, you should protect it as soon as possible with a strong password, otherwise hackers could steal your crypto money. Make a note of your password and put it in a safe place. In order to carry out a transaction, you will need the access code again.

You can also get a hardware wallet, which is comparable to a USB stick. You can then transfer your digital money to this “stick” from time to time – and secure it regardless of your devices.

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