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Cannabis boom: The demand for cannabis medical devices is increasing message


The demand increases

In Germany, the demand for medical cannabis has risen sharply in the past year. In 2019, sales of cannabis medical devices grew from 8.23 ​​million euros in January to 12.44 million euros in October. This emerges from a response from the federal government to a request from the FDP parliamentary group, as the newspapers of the Funke media group report. This corresponds to an increase of 51 percent. Wieland Schinnenburg, the FDP spokesman for addiction and drug policy, has now asked the federal government to have more cannabis produced in Germany instead of relying largely on imports as before.

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Medical cannabis

The Federal Government’s response also shows that sales of cannabis-containing products in particular increased last year. Accordingly, they rose by almost 75 percent from 2.97 million euros to 5.2 million euros between January and October. Sales of unprocessed cannabis flowers grew by almost 39 percent, from 3.74 million euros to 5.2 million euros.
In Germany, doctors have been able to prescribe medical cannabis as a cash benefit since March 2017, subject to certain conditions. One of the prerequisites is that the health insurance companies agree, however, and that all other usual therapies have previously been unsuccessful.

Pharmaceuticals have a turnover of millions

The cannabis-containing drug Sativex alone recently achieved sales in the millions. The remedy, which is used for severe spasticity due to multiple sclerosis, was able to generate 1.96 million euros in sales in October 2019, around 540,000 euros more than in January. The cannabis-containing drug Canemes, which is used primarily by patients in chemotherapy, also showed strong sales in January and October, at EUR 61 million each. The federal government’s figures for the last quarter are still pending.

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Cannabis from abroad

The medical cannabis that is used in Germany still comes mainly from abroad. From the fourth quarter of this year, however, this will change and the first medical cannabis produced in Germany will be delivered. The federal government’s annual budget is 2.6 tons for the next four years. That is not enough for the FDP politician Schinnenburg. In view of the increasing demand, he calls for the production quantities to be increased to 50 tons per year. In this way, one can serve the increasing demand and make medical cannabis an export hit.

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