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Corona app: You should know this about the corona virus tracing app


Why should I use the Corona app?

It is up to you whether you use the app or not. There is no obligation or law to register using the Corona app. The more people use it, the more it ultimately brings. Because the purpose of the warning app is to quickly identify infections and thus contain the virus. Because people suffer not only from a health point of view, but also economically from the consequences – this goes right up to the point Insolvency due to short-time work or loss of sales.

With the Corona app, potential contact persons are quickly informed. If everyone is informed about a possible infection quickly, they can react quickly and protect themselves and others, the federal government writes on its website. Even then, it is a purely voluntary decision whether you want to be tested against Covid-19 or not.

So far, it has been the case that the health authorities have to rely on the fact that a person suffering from the coronavirus gives their last contact persons as precisely as possible. This is difficult, on the one hand, because most people cannot list all the people they have met with in the past two weeks – and, on the other hand, because of course they do not know many of them. In this way, the person sitting next to you on the train is not informed, although he may also have been infected.

Interesting: The Corona warning app will not replace the previous contact tracking by the health department. Because reporting via the app is voluntary. If a corona patient reports the positive test via the app, the previously unknown contact persons are also informed and have the chance to be tested voluntarily for the corona virus.

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