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Corona restrictions tightened again in northern England | message


LONDON (dpa-AFX) – Due to the increased spread of the corona virus in the north of England, the British government is introducing stricter contact restrictions in some regions. The Greater Manchester area and parts of West Yorkshire and East Lancashire were affected, Health Minister Matt Hancock wrote on Twitter late Thursday evening. From midnight, members of various households will no longer be able to meet inside, as the minister announced. “Immediate action” is necessary for the safety of people.

Hancock attributed the increased spread of the virus to negligence in adhering to the distance rules. The government is acting “with a heavy heart,” the minister continued. “But we can see an increase in Covid cases across Europe and are determined to do whatever it takes to protect people.”

With over 300,000 cases of infection registered, the United Kingdom is the most affected country in Europe by the pandemic. According to official information, more than 46,000 people have been shown to have died there as a result of Covid-19 disease./gma/DP/he

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